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Blood, Guts 'n' Gore in Space

15mm Science Fiction Demonstration

Best Participation Game at Invicta '92


Terrain is TSS terrain blocks from the collection of Paul Lymath. Buildings are entirely scratchbuilt from assorted plastic sheet and kit parts, mostly by Tony Francis with some help from Phil Richards and Dave Shillito. Spaceship built by Phil from two submarine kits. Vehicles are almost all conversions of 1/76th Matchbox kits or 1/87th Roco Minitanks, all built and painted by Tony. Eagle landing craft are Imai kits painted and converted by Dave. Figures are mostly 15mm TTG Laserburn (now sold by Tabletop Miniatures) with some Citadel and other assorted manufacturers, all painted by Tony.

Defensive turrets account for many casualties amongst the Imperial armour. (Salute '91)

The impressive Rebel citadel (although the main wall has been breached, centre). (Salute '91)

Phil Richards' superb scratchbuilt starship. (Salute '91)

Kevin French gets a troops eye view. (Salute '91)

Imperial Marines dismount as their transport takes a pounding. (Salute '91)

The Imperial onslaught begins. Wave after wave of blue armour crosses the river bridges towards the citadel (left) and spaceport (right). The layout of the buildings had altered by the time of this game. (Invicta '92, Dover).

View from the rebel end. Trevor and Phil desperately search in the boxes for more reinforcements ! (Invicta '92, Dover).

Various marine APC variants, all converted from Matchbox 1/76th Humber Armoured Cars.

More marine vehicles. The platoon carrier is a 1/35th Revell Hetzer hull with scratchbuilt superstructure.

Marine tanks and infantry. The tracked tanks are 1/87th Roco Bradleys with guns from Airfix Panzer IVs, the grav tank is entirely scratchbuilt. The infantry are from Tabletop Miniatures' (then Tabletop Games') Laserburn range.

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