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On Her Majestyís Spy to a Kill - Snowfall, 2015

28mm Spy-Fi Participation

Cdr Bond and Dr Snow Fall have stolen evil mastermind Scorpionís plans for world domination from his remote mountain lair, and are skiing to safety pursued by Scorpion's sidekick Ava Launch, gun toting lackeys, snowmobiles and even a helicopter.

Players take the part of Scorpion henchmen with orders to capture (not kill) the heroes, who are controlled by club members.

Can you stop the heroes from escaping and impress your villainous boss?

Production Credits

We would like to thank Simon & Lisa Jackson at Pig Iron Miniatures and Andrew Coleman of Four A Miniatures; and also thanks to GZG for assistance. Other models manufacturers: Ainsty (snowmobiles) Scotia (converted I-Kore riders for snowmobiles).

Ainsty Casting
Pig Iron Productions
Four A Miniatures
Acotia Grendel
Ground Zero Games


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