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Somewhere in Belgium, 1914

28mm Demonstration

On the morning of 4th August 1914 German forces invaded Belgium after the Belgian government refused the passage of German troops through Belgium to France.

By the 20th August Brussels had been captured, Antwerp fell on the 10th October.

Our game is set during the early part of August 1914 as a Belgian detachment tries to hold a defensive line in a small town against the advance of German forces.

The Belgian figures are predominantly from the Brigade Models range (with a couple of Great War figures from North Star). The Germans are a mixture of Renegade and Great War figures. The rules used are "Through the Mud and the Blood" rules by the Two Fat Lardies.

Most of the terrain was scratch-built and painted by Phil Richards who devised the entire game. Phil is also responsible for painting all the figures in the game

The bandstand is a 3D printed model, designed and painted by Tony Francis.

The Game in Action

These photos were taken at Cavalier 2014, where we won the Best Demonstration Game prize.

SELWG 2014

On its fourth outing of the year, the game also picked up the Best Demonstration Game prize at SELWG.

Crisis 2014

In November the club made its second foray over to Crisis in Antwerp with the game, which seemed appropriate given the game's theme.

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