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The Road to Homs '82

3mm Modern Demonstration

Best Demonstration Game at Cavalier 2016
Best Scenery at SELWG 2016

Our 2016 game depicts a clash between Syrian and Israeli armour during the 1982 Lebanon War.

The conflict is portrayed using Odzial Ozmy's 3mm vehicles and figures allowing a very large area to be set up on table and large numbers of models to be deployed.

The game has been put together by Paul Lymath who built the terrain from polystyrene sheets coated in plaster and sand. Built-up areas were supplied by Tony Francis who used Brigade Models' Small Scale Scenery buildings.


The following photos were taken by Tony Francis at the game practice at a club meeting in January 2016.

The game was awarded Best Demonstration Game at Cavalier 2016. There was no trophy as such - so here's a photo of the envelope the prize money came in !

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