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Tatooine Droid Hunt

25mm Star Wars Participation

Best Participation Game at SELWG '97

This game was a joint effort between Phil and Tony - Phil scratchbuilt a large 25mm Sandcrawler model, while Tony painted up 25mm Stormtroopers and Jawas from West End Games. Bob Medcraft provided the Micro-machine droids and the minimal scenery (some hills around the edge of the board).

Sadly we have no photos of the game, even though it managed to come away with a prize from SELWG. However, the Sandcrawler model survives, as do the figures, and Phil recently took a quick snap as we prepared to dust off the models and run the game again.

Taking the lesson from the Masada game, the rules were again restricted to a single A4 page.

  Tatooine Droid Hunt Rules (jpeg file)

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