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Can You Feel The Force ?

1/366th Science Fiction Participation

The klaxons sound, and the speakers blare "launch all fighters !", you rush to the hanger and climb into the cockpit of your starfighter, ready to do battle once more against the evil forces of the Empire.

If you have ever dreamt of flying a starfighter, then join us in one of the games we will be running today. Each game will last around an hour, leaving you plenty of time to see other games and trade stands. If you would like to take part, please speak to any member of the society.

Each player will control a fighter group, while members of the Maidstone Wargames Society will control enemy fighters or other assets.

The rules used today are loosely based on Squadron Commander 3600 by Mariner Games, a comprehensive set of rules which allow you to design your own fighters, organise and crew your squadrons and track the careers of your ace pilots over a campaign. They are available in the UK from Brigade Models along with a range of official miniatures.

Models were scratchbuilt and painted by club members. The black starscape cloth is from Ground Zero Games.

An overall view of the action.

TIE Fighters swarm around a rebel transport.

Captions invited, please ... I can't imagine what this conversation was about ! Trevor finally sends a punter deranged, perhaps ?

The Millenium Falcon enters the fray.

Mark Harris poses thoughtfully whilst explaining why she really should choose the TK-2 sublight engine over the slower TK-1c ...

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