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The club has regularly put on display games at various shows in the South East and beyond for over 20 years. Some of these have even won prizes ! Below is a list of all of the games we have put on and the shows you might have seen them at. Over the coming months we intend to add gallery pages for each game (except for those we can't find any photos of) with brief descriptions of the game and how it was put together, or where we can find them the original text of the handouts produced for the games.

The trophy icons indicate games which have earned us a prize at a show. Rosettes show games that were nominated or commended.

Invicta '93 - Beds of Jonquils - Best Wargames Scenery

SELWG 2006 - Day Trip to the Malvinas - Nominated for Best Participation Game

Salute 2012 - Operation Deadstick - Best Demonstration Game

Salute 2012 - Operation Deadstick - Best Game of Show

SELWG 2014 - Somewhere In Belgium - Best Demonstration Game

Cavalier 2016 - The Road to Homs '82 - Best Demonstration Game

There was no trophy as such - so here's a photo of the envelope the prize money came in !

Cavalier 2018 - Twisting the Dragon's Tail - Best Participation Game

Again, no actual trophy - so here's another photo of an envelope

Salute 2018 - Twisting the Dragon's Tail - Best Historical Game

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