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Under The Twin Suns

6mm Science-Fiction Demonstration

Two mighty armies clash over mineral resources, under the twin suns of Nova Delta V. This game was created as a stop-gap for one show only, Salute 2010. It's a 6mm SF demonstration using Future Wars Commander rules and Brigade Models figures and vehicles.

The Battle of Mwezi Mbabane

The year is 2145, mankind's quest for knowledge and resources is no longer limited to the solar system, thanks to the discovery of a practical faster-than-light drive.

Many of the richest nations and coalitions of Earth have sent probes to the closer stars, searching for planets to colonise or exploit. The Nova Delta system has satisfied both needs, the fifth planet of the system is habitable, and Thorium-232, vital to the manufacture of FTL faster-than-light drives, is abundant.

The planet was discovered by a probe funded by the South African Confederation, and has been colonised by the SAC for 6 years, Thorium production is now growing and other powers are casting covetous eyes on the planet.

In an unholy alliance, the European Federation and the Organisation of North European Sovereign States have sent a joint task force to subjugate the planet, and share the Thorium spoils for themselves.

Mwezi Mbabane is a mining town, close to one of the densest Thorium fields, as such the planetary governor has assigned a reinforced infantry company to secure the town against the European invaders. If the worst happens, there is support available from an armoured combat team that forms the regional reserve.

The EuroFed/ONESS joint command has assigned the occupation of Mwezi Mbabane to the 17th Bersaglieri Battalion, part of the Italian contingent in the EuroFed Forces. If the Italians need support the ONESS 45th PanzerAbteilung, a crack German unit is on call.

Our game begins with the SAC infantry on alert, satellite recon has confirmed that EuroFed forces are on their way.!

Town buildings were rather inventively created by Steve Tucker from wet sand moulds filled with plaster. The South African forces were painted by Steve, the EuroFed Bersaglieri and ONESS Germans by Tony Francis, with Dom's Decals markings. All models are from Brigade Models. Gun and missile turrets are by Xmarx. The desert is a Mat-O-War supplied by Antenociti's Workshop, the hills were created from polystyrene and sand by Tony. Trees are assorted aquarium plants, roads are Busch Z-scale model railway items.


The following photos were taken by Mike Proudlock at the game practice at the previous club meeting.

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