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A Drive in the Country

20mm Vietnam Demonstration

Original handout text

Phouc Tuy Province, August 1967

The Civilians

Thui Dac is a small hamlet of some 20 souls a few miles to the east of highway LTL2 in Phouc Tuy Province . Despite the efforts of the 1st Australian Task Force there is still a degree of support for revolutionary forces in the hamlet. Australian forces are often deployed on search operations in the area.

The Australians

D Troop, A Squadron 3rd Cavalry, Royal Australian Armoured Corps and B Company, 6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment are conducting a routine patrol of highway LTL 2. The first platoons of D Troop and B Company have been deployed to patrol through the hamlet of Thui Dac.

The Viet Cong

Elements of the 517th Main Force Regiment are in Thui Dac conducting political education / indoctrination sessions and establishing rice and arms dumps in preparation for a fresh offensive against Australian Forces in the area. A unit of porters carrying rice has just arrived in Thui Dac as the sound of diesel engines is heard approaching from the west ...


Terrain and figures all by Andy King. Terrain is simple polystyrene tiles, painted and flocked. Buildings are from the Airfix Jungle Outpost set. Software written by Tony Francis on a Sinclair QL (this was 1985, after all ...) and was essentially a port of Bodycount.

Kevin French takes a break from the action and lets the computer do the work.

Chopper down !

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