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The Vire Incident

54mm WW2 Participation

The Vire Incident IV - The Germans Revenge

(This time it's personal)

Original handout text

Vire is a town in the area of France known as the Falaise Gap, where in the late summer of 1944 the German 3rd Para & 363rd Infantry Divisions faced advancing Allied forces, the British VIII Corps to the North and the U.S. XIX Corps to the West. After intense fighting over fluid front lines, Vire fell to the Allies on the morning of August 7th 1944.

It is now mid afternoon on Saturday August 6th 1944, a German patrol is falling back towards Vire following contact with elements of the U.S. 2nd Armoured and 29th Infantry Divisions. After taking cover from Allied aircraft in ruined buildings the N.C.O. leading the patrol decides it is time to press on to Vire, in order to link up with their unit before nightfall. He gives the order to move out and ..........

The game will be played at roughly 65 minute intervals through the day, if you would like to take part, either individually or as a team of up to four, please give your name(s) to the Game Controller.


Terrain built by Tony Francis, Phil Richards, Malcolm Goddard, Nick Peat. Figures are Tamiya 1/35th painted by Tony. Kubelwagen is also Tamiya, painted this time by Phil.

The game during a practice session at the club's old venue. Brian Simons looks happy to be there !

Brian Simons (l) and Phil Richards oversee a game of The Vire Incident at Salute '87

SELWG 1986 Photos from Phil Richard's Archive

Brian Simons, Tony Francis and Nick Peat (back to camera) running one of the first sessions of the Vire Incident

Brian, Phil Richards and Andy King explaining things to a member of the public

Two views from above - club members include Andy, Phil, Tony and Nick.

Tunbridge Wells 1987 Photos from Phil's Archive

(L-R) Ivor Metcalf, Nick Peat, Phil Richards

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