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Previews, new releases, interesting stuff … and cakes !

Brigade Models - Previews, new releases, interesting stuff … and cakes !

Safe Harbour


We have more new items in our Small Scale Scenery range today. The first is another in our growing collection of coastal fortifications, Fort St Mawes. This small cloverleaf castle is a Device Fort, built by Henry VIII to protect the Carrick Roads near Falmouth, Cornwall, from the French (most fortifications along the English south-coast are there to fend off the French !).


And if we have something to defend our anchorage, what about the harbour itself ? So the second release this week is set of walls, ideal for making a medium sized fishing harbour. Or you can combine multiple sets to make a harbour for larger vessels. The set comprises ten pieces – three 50mm straights, one 90° elbow, three 45° corners and three end pieces. One of the end pieces has a slot for fitting one of our small lighthouses.


All are available from the website now, and Pico Armor in the USA also have stocks.


SSS-8029 – Fort St Mawes – £2.00
SSS-8052 – Harbour Walls – £7.50

Aeronef Stat Update

I’ve just updated the Aeronef Profiles Page on the website with stats for all our our recent Aeronef releases, including the von Perseval and Brazilian models released last week. While I was there I made a few fixes and updates to the profile generator software – all of the stats cards are generated automagically by some code I wrote years ago that takes the profiles of each model and formats a GIF image, but this seems to have suffered from code rot and a few bugs had crept in.

All of the stats cards can be downloaded from the profiles table, and they’re also in an updated Zip file so you can pull them down at one go. They’re designed to be roughly the size of a business card so when printed out can be cut out and laminated or stored in a vinyl pocket (a bit like this – Rexel Nyrex Business Card Pocket A4 Pack of 10 13681).


Oryol Profile

Terror from the Skies

Today sees the release of some more models in the ever popular Aeronef range. This is a game that has been around for over a decade and a half but still has very strong sales every year.


The largest model in this release is the Austro-Hungarian von Parseval dig battleship (for those not familiar with the terminology, a ‘dig’ is shorthand for dirigible – a hydrogen-filled airship). Giant airships are used to terrorise opposing populations as they fill the skies and rain bombs down on innocent civilians. The resin-cast gasbag is over 4″ long, making it almost as large as the German Schleswig-Holstein.

The other two models come from the other side of the Atlantic, with the addition of the Tamandare torpedo cruiser and Paraná class frigate to the Brazilian fleet.

VAN-712 – von Parseval class Dig Battleship – £6.00
VAN-807 – Tamandare class Torpedo Frigate – £2.00
VAN-808 – Paraná class Frigate – £0.75

If you haven’t yet been seduced by the delights of Aeronef, we have a number of starter packs available with different fleets as an inexpensive way to introduce yourself to the game.

Yanks and their Tanks

Do you remember the postie turning up last week with, amongst other things, some new 15mm American Republic SF vehicles ? We haven’t wasted any time with these and they’ve already been cleaned up and moulded.


Since the plastic masters are very difficult to photograph and the details hard to see, here’s a second look at a first set of assembled castings in a coat of primer (I’d used red primer as it will be the base colour in their camouflage scheme, which is why it’s already been drybrushed). As soon as this post has been finished I’ll be off with the airbrush to do the next colours.

And here they all are, swathed in blutack as a mask for the camouflage (regular followers will have seen this before, but here’s a link about Blutack masking).


(Thanks to Zac Braham for the title of this post, he used it when posting the AmRep masters on TMP and I liked it so much I thought I’d use it here !).

Slamming Maidstone

A couple of weeks ago Maidstone Wargames Society had the privilege of hosting a 15mm Hammer’s Slammers game run by John Treadaway, co-author of the rules. The game pitted my recently painted Sulewesi National Army who were fighting alongside two detachments of Terran Authority Starmarines (fielding their Komodo heavy tanks for the first time), against the Slammers themselves in uparmoured Blower tanks plus detachments of the Stewart regiment and the West Riding Yeomanry.

John has written an AAR of the game which appears on the Slammers’ site alongside a number of photos. There are more photos by Mike Proudlock on the Maidstone site. Below are a selection of the ones I took, mostly from my perspective as the Sulewesi commander so viewed from the (victorious, it has to be said) end of the table.

More 10mm Buildings

This week’s release isn’t what we expected it to be. Up until Wednesday it was something else altogether, but then I started painting some samples of the planned new releases and was rather struck that they were, how can we put it .. ? Not Very Good. The designs are fine, but the final prints and castings were, not to put too fine a point on it, Not Good Enough.

Sooo … fortunately we always have something in reserve for occasions like this. The first wave of 10mm buildings was only part of the first batch of masters, there were more buildings that weren’t included in that release. Some of these have already been moulded, cast and even painted, so I’ve swiftly photographed them, stock them on the website and – voila! – the day has been saved !


So we’ll pretend that this has been the plan all along, and proudly announce the release of three new buildings in our 10mm SF range. The Munitions Bunker in particular has been one that has been requested from the existing 6mm and 15mm ranges, and we always aim to please :-)

B10-103 – Large House/Shop – £3.00
B10-126 – Munitions Bunker – £2.25
B10-127 – Primitive Dwelling- £2.25

Show Business

We’ve just received an email confirming our booking at Colours 2015, which returns as a one-day show after a break last year. The show will be held at Newbury Racecourse in Berkshire, the other side of London from us, on September 12th.


A full list of shows can be found on the website – after Stoke Rochford, our first normal show of the year is Salute.

Mail Call – again !

The postie came Friday (several posties and couriers in fact, it was a busy day for deliveries !). The most exciting of these, notwithstanding the shiny new plastic storage boxes, was a small package from the 3D printers. Now you know I get all excited by new models and like to show them off as soon as they arrive (Phil thinks this is a little strange, but what does he know …). Today is no different, so with the usual apologies/excuses about the difficulty of photographing the 3D prints, here is some new stuff …

These tiny little beasties are 6mm versions of the Raeside grav utility vehicles that came out in 15mm last year. There’s a flatbed, turreted and plain utility version, and also a separate sprue of turrets that didn’t make it into the picture. To get a sense of scale, the grid on my rather well-used cutting board is 50mm square, and the vehicles are about 1/2″ long.


The rest of the new models are 15mm – more replacements for older sculpts, and something completely new (at least in 15mm) as well.

Firstly, this is the print of the new 15mm AmRep Kochte tank we showed off in CG form a little while back. It retains the same basic shape as the older model but the styling and detail is much, much improved.


This is the new Curtiss heavy tank. The older version of the Curtiss was the very first 3D designed and printed model we released and we’ve given it a bit of an update with new styling on the turret, some lift-fan detailing on the skirt and just an overall better model. Several years of working with 3D prints has taught us quite a bit about designing and producing models this way, and the new Curtiss benefits from this.


Lastly (for now), we’re rounding out the AmRep with 15mm versions of the Baumann MICV and Oldmann light tank. Both are armed with turreted autocannons, while the Baumann has a missile strapped to one side of the turret. There is also an AA turret for the Baumann, and a multiple-missile turret that fits both hulls.


Look for the 15mm models to be released sometime in March with a bit of luck (we like to be flexible with our release dates). We don’t have a firm date for the 6mm vehicles just yet.

Blower Killer

Today’s new releases are additions to the popular 15mm PacFed range. The Angelshark was shown off late last year (we even sold a few pre-production models at Crisis and SELWG) but has been waiting for a suitable release window. The arrival of the Komodo heavy tank is a perfect opportunity to pair up the two models and release them together.


The Angelshark is a one-man attack VTOL with chin turret and missile launchers in the wingtip engine pods. Perfect for fast attack pop-up missions.


The Komodo on the other hand is a true beast of a tank (see the photo below comparing it to the Cougar tank). With twin 14mm ECAP weapons, it throws out a prodigious amount of firepower.


My first couple of Komodo models saw action against the Hammer’s Slammers a couple of weeks back in a Crucible game and proved themselves to be very potent against even uparmoured Blower tanks. You can find their stats on the Slammers’ website.

TAS Advance

SF15-702 – Komodo Heavy Grav Tank – £10.50
SF15-704 – Angelshark VTOL – £8.00
PP15-702 – Komodo Platoon Pack – £30.50

Civil Homesteads

Following on from the three new ACW Forts we released last week, how about some smaller buildings to go with them ? If we’re being really truthful, they should all have come out together but the houses weren’t painted and photographed in time …

So here we have them, a set of twenty buildings, mostly rural farmhouses, barns, a water mill and church. The style of some of the buildings would suit other theatres, and you could just paint them up as brick or stone buildings and mix them with our other sets for more variety.


SSS-8050 – ACW Houses – £5.50

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