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Previews, new releases, interesting stuff … and cakes !

Brigade Models - Previews, new releases, interesting stuff … and cakes !

15mm Légion Étrangère

Another model making the move from 6mm to 15mm is the Catroux, wheeled APC of choice of the EuroFed Légion Étrangère. I’ve just completed the 3D modelling on the hull, wheels and the remote weapon system mount which you can see below. I might still do a bit of tweaking and add more details (in writing this post I’ve spotted a couple of changes I’d like to make). I’ve tried to retain the same detailing and style as existing EuroFed vehicles so the national resemblance is clear. Like its 6mm counterpart, it will be available with a number of other turrets from the Tassigny APC – MICV cannon turret, missile, and AA will all be available immediately, with a command variant and possibly engineering and ambulance later.

We’re hoping to release it later this year – we have already ordered prints for the wheels and the remote gun so that they can be cast in metal ahead of the resin hull.

Catroux CGI

Catroux CGI-2

Catroux CGI-3

Catroux Prints

No-new Release Friday

I’m afraid that the current sequence of shows has thrown our carefully crafted release schedule into a bit of a tail spin, and once again this week’s planned new items aren’t quite ready.

However, a package arrived from the 3D printers this morning, which is always exciting, so instead of something you can buy this week, I thought I’d show off some of the items you can buy in a few weeks (much shorter in some cases). So, with the usual apologies about the difficulty of photographing translucent white plastic, here we go…

First up, a follow on from the post earlier this week on the new Charlemagne battlecruisers – here they are in all their blurry, washed-out glory. The sharp-eyed will spot that one of the hulls has already lost a gun barrel, which are a bit fragile, and I’ll have to replace it before they go in a mould.

Charlemagne Prints

Next we’re onto 15mm items. This is the hull for the Buffel APC previewed a week or two back, the first print was flawed (= I cocked up) so this is the replacement. It’s carrying a support weapon turret which will be available as an option and also fits the Wildebeest. Sorry, this really isn’t a great photo but trust me, it looks good in the plastic. The Buffel and Hippo will be available very soon, they would already be out had I not sent the wrong hull model to the printers first time round.

Buffel Print

This little piece is a 15mm heavy weapons tripod, designed to carry the range of pintle weapons we came out with recently – the sample is posed with a tribarrel gatling. And before anyone asks the obvious question – yes, they will come with crew (in fact Martin is sculpting them as I type).

Heavy Weapon Tripod Prints

Lastly, some new spaceships. The British fleet has been selling as fast as we can churn them out, and we thought it was about time for an addition to the fleet. This is the Swiftsure pursuit cruiser (left), next to a Halifax light cruiser hull.

Swiftsure Prints

Last, but by no means least, as with the older Aeronef models we’re going to be doing a slow rolling replacement of worn out spaceship moulds with remastered models. This is the CDSI Shanzi class fighter carrier (minus the lower hull, which is going to be a resin piece) – the deck is two part but the join should be neatly hidden under the new, extended bridge section.

Shanzi Print

Jeune École

Some of our models have been around for a while … well, we are 26 years old as a company. Some of the older moulds are wearing out, and need replacing, so as a slow but ongoing process we’re going to take some of our more venerable models and resculpt them before making new moulds. One of the first of these is the French Charlemagne battlecruiser in the Aeronef range. This has code number VAN-401 – in other words, it was the first French Aeronef ever produced.

I’ve redesigned it with a slight tumblehome hull but it’s still recognisable as the same ship. Through the wonders of digital technology I’ve created three variants of the hull and three different superstructures with varying armaments. In theory all of these should be interchangeable, so it will be possible to create nine slightly different models.




We’re hoping for a release later this year.

More Shows

Right, that’s the first half of our little burst of shows out of the way. This coming weekend we have a break before the second pair of shows.

On Saturday 25th of October I will be flying solo at Stoke Rochford Hall for the Aeronef weekend. Unfortunately for family reasons I can’t stay for the whole event, but I will be there gaming all day Saturday. I’ll be taking a very cut down stand with Aeronef, Land Ironclads, the 2mm buildings range and 15mm SF (last time there was also some Gruntz gaming going on). As always, if you would like me to bring anything else from other ranges then just let us know in advance and we’ll sort it out for you.


The final leg of our show odyssey is our last event of the year and also the furthest. On November 1st we’ll be cramming as much stock as we can into my car and travelling under the channel to Crisis 2014 in Antwerp. As last year, we will be bringing fleet, army and unit packs for Aeronef, Land Ironclads, Spaceships (except the new British and Indonesians, for which we’ll try to bring everything), Squadron Commander and 6mm SF, but not individual stock. We will have full stock for Celtos, 15mm, 2mm buildings and the WW1 Belgians. If you require any individual models from these ranges then, as always, let us know in advance and we’ll bring them along for you.


SELWG Specials

We’re all geared up for SELWG on Sunday – the casting is all done and we’re well stocked.

We do have a few new items for the day, some of which aren’t on the website and won’t be for several weeks yet.

In 15mm we have some pre-release samples of the PacFed Angelshark VTOL and South African Hippo truck. We only have very small numbers, since they aren’t officially released yet we haven’t stocked up (it literally is just 3-4 of each, so get in early if you want to pick up one).

SF15-704 – Angelshark Light VTOL – £8.00
SF15-608 – Wildebeest Heavy Truck – £8.50
SF15-915 – Small Cargo Container – £1.75


We also have some new Aeronef – these are much nearer to a full release but you’ll get first crack at them on Sunday

VAN-417 – French Ader Monoplane Fighter (x6) – £1.25
VAN-513 – Russian Oryol Biplane Bomber (x3) – £1.25


We will also have some special offers running with savings on multiple buys, rulebooks and maybe other – details on the day.

Crew – debuss !

Your tank’s been hit, but it’s not catastrophic – quick, grab the spanners and replace that damaged track link !


If you need to portray vehicle crews out of their vehicle, either performing emergency repairs or escaping a wreck and trying to get back to their lines, we have the answer. Six sets of crew figures, depicting both armed crewmen with SMGs and pistols, and a repair crew. They come in the same three flavours as our in-vehicle half figures with crewmen in Bone-dome helmets, berets or Soviet-style padded tanker helmets.

The helmeted figures are also ideal as Mech or VTOL crew, and we think the armed figures in berets would be perfect for the evil mastermind’s henchmen in a James Bond-style game.

All in all there are lots of uses and scenarios that can be built around these figures.


SF15-007a – Armed Crew in Bone-dome (x4) – £1.50
SF15-007b – Armed Crew in Beret (x4) – £1.50
SF15-007c – Armed Crew in Soviet Tanker Helmet (x4) – £1.50
SF15-008a – Repair Crew in Bone-dome (x4) – £1.50
SF15-008b – Repair Crew in Beret (x4) – £1.50
SF15-008c – Repair Crew in Soviet Tanker Helmet (x4) – £1.50

We Had a Blast!

Back from our long trip to Bristol for Blast-tastic! yesterday. We had a great day, so many thanks to Michael of Angel Barracks for the work that he and his wife Sam put in to making it a successful event. There were a number of good looking games there, although unfortunately we ended up being too busy to get a chance to take part in any (the positive side of this is that we shifted quite a lot of models). It’s looking likely that there will be a second edition next year, so if you weren’t able to make it this time, you’ll get another chance.

Remember that next week (Sunday 12th) it’s SELWG at Crystal Palace. There is still time to get in your orders for the show, the cut-off will be Thursday morning. You can either send us an order by email and pay on the day (cash or credit card) or place the order through the website using the Collect in Person shipping option and pay in advance (that way the website won’t charge any postage).

Finally a special thank you to Keith Armstrong of Armies Army for the Commonwealth troops in Glengarries – perfect for my Stewart Regiment :-)



Last Call for Blast-tastic!

The inaugural Blast-tastic! show is on Saturday – less than 48 hours away now (Michael at Angel Barracks is either very excited or stressed by now). I will be at the workshop tomorrow, casting up the last of the stock and loading up ready for an early start on Saturday morning. You thus have one last chance to get any pre-orders in to us – if you can get them in by first thing tomorrow (Friday – say 8am) I should still be able to sort them out for you during the day. I’ll do my best with anything that arrives later, but the phone signal at the workshop is ropey and access to my emails can be sporadic.


Friday would normally be new release day for us, but I’m probably going to roll over this week’s release to Monday or Tuesday now – they’re painted, but I’m very unlikely to have time to photograph them and update the website tomorrow. However, the moulds for the new releases are all ready to go, and we’ll have stock on Saturday. What are they ? Come and see us at the show to find out …

We will have a few other unreleased bits for sale on Saturday as well, models that are due for release in the near future but aren’t out yet – there should be some Aeronef and 15mm items in there.

Shafted by Shapeways


Last night I received an email from Shapeways proclaiming a new pricing policy for certain materials –

Better Pricing for Strong & Flexible Plastics

is what they said. The claim is that 75% of models they sold in that material last year would have been cheaper under the new pricing structure. So I logged in and checked out our shop, looking forward to reduced prices for the may items we make. Oh no. The new system heavily penalises low density models (ie big structures that use little material) – things like our power pylons, comms tower, Tesla tower, Chain Home station etc. The basic power pylon set, for example, is going to be about 4x more expensive than it was previously. There is a brief page of tips for optimising models to make them cheaper, but having followed these all I’ve managed to do is bring them down to being 3x more expensive than they were before. The Chain Home radar station, which used to sell for around £25, is going to be more like £50 under the new structure.


It is true that some items will be cheaper – the Vorpostenboot will drop a couple of pounds, but it seems that around 90% of the items in our store will go up by anywhere from 50% to 300%, while the remaining 10% might drop by 5-10% in price.

To say we’re mightily p***ed off is an understatement – we’ve put a lot (and I mean a lot) of time and effort into developing these models and carefully designing them to be as good value as we can – and this new pricing structure negates everything we’ve done.

So, this is fair warning – if you were thinking our power pylons looked neat and you fancied a couple, get them now – don’t wait until next week. The new pricing structure kicks in on the 7th, so you have at best six days. We have some stocks left which we’re going to take to shows, so there are several opportunities to get these items from us in the next month or so. But once those have gone, that’ll be it, we probably won’t get any new stocks in since they’ll just be too expensive and we can’t see anyone buying them :-(

We’ll continue to carry some models, but not many – at the moment I’m too annoyed to sit down and work out the pricing implications of this on other items.

The 2mm Resurrection

You may remember a short and rather minor tale of woe a while back, with the failure of the church tower in the 2mm Civic Buildings mould. However, we did promise that we’d get it remade, and so we have. And not just that, we’ve been able to create a couple of variations so that there are three different towers. These are supplied randomly, although if you order multiple models then we’ll make sure that you get a mixture and not all the same!


SSS-8041 – Large English Church – £2.50

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