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Previews, new releases, interesting stuff … and cakes !

Brigade Models - Previews, new releases, interesting stuff … and cakes !


Continuing our range of 2mm buildings, I’ve decided to have a crack at some more modern fortifications. I’ve been working on some Normandy Atlantic Wall items to allow a refight of D-Day (don’t forget we already make Normandy rural houses and churches in the Small Scale Scenery range).

I’ve modelled M272 casemates and an M262a observation bunker for the Longues sur Mer battery. Each casemate is in two parts, top and bottom, and the shielded guns (which I believe were ex-destroyer mountings) are separate parts too.


I’ve also made the H669 casemate type for the Merville battery, allowing you to game the glider assault on that installation.


These are a bunch of Tobruk bunkers of different types, with tiny FT-17 turrets (the turrets are just over 1mm across !). I’ll also provide open versions, since they were also used with machine-gun emplacements instead of the tank turret.


This is the Grand Bunker, the AA control tower at Ouistreham. It’s a large but very plain structure, which may end up as a resin item, we’ll have to see.


I decided not to model the earth embankments that were built up around the bunkers – different sites were buried in different ways, and sites that were still under construction may not have been buried at all. So instead I’ll leave it to the gamer to use filler or clay to complete this part of the construction.

I’m still creating new emplacements – at the rate I’m going, I may have to split the Atlantic Wall models into two sets – they are not all going to fit into a single mould !

Airship Sheds

A model we’ve had kicking around for a while but which we haven’t been able to release is our 2mm scale airship hangar (only partly caused by Phil somehow managing to lose the masters for the metal parts…). The design is based on that of one of the sheds at Cardington in Bedfordshire, although somewhat scaled down – these work out at just over 400 feet long, compared to the 700-foot length of the original. It is still large enough to house one of our Schleswig-Holstein digs, or several smaller vessels.


The model consists of a resin main structure with metal doors and struts – the doors can be assembled open or closed. I’m sure that with some clever work with magnets it would be possible to have both options.


We still don’t have a definite release date, although it will definitely be this year. In the meantime you can buy a slightly different version from Shapeways, complete with loads of interior girder detail.



Docking Bay 26

Need somewhere to park your spaceship while in town? Docking Bay 26 is suitable for every class of vessel from tramp freighter to executive shuttle, and with our reasonable rates and level-3 security systems you’d be mad to leave it anywhere else.


This is the latest and largest model in our 6mm Desert Buildings range and is available from the website now. Revell Millennium Falcon shown for scale purposes only.


B300-129 – Docking Bay – £18.00

Late Arrivals

We did promise last week that there were more new releases due in the 15mm Mercenary Brigade range, and here they are. Three more new models to round out your force and give you plenty of combat options.


The first of the three is the powerful Ontos tank destroyer. Based on the Shaman hull, it’s armed with six hypersonic missile launchers mounted either side of a fixed superstructure.


The Mantra IFV has the opposite mission profile to the Ontos, being tasked with suppressing opposition infantry rather than armour. Based again on the Shaman drive train, the Mantra has an open fighting compartment for the crew with a simple splinter shield for protection. Hiroseke Army vehicles are equipped with three gatlings, although the Mantra is also available with railguns, tri-barrels or conventional machine-guns.


The Wizard jeep is used by command teams for scouting, liaison, artillery spotting, casevac, resupply and any number of other purposes. The remote weapon mount means that it is anything but defenceless, and the rear compartment can be given some measure of protection with a hard cover.


SF15-1506 – Mantra Infantry Fighting Vehicle – £8.00
SF15-1507 – Wizard Jeep – £3.00
SF15-1508 – Ontos Tank Destroyer – £8.00
PP15-1508 – Ontos Platoon Pack – £22.00
SF15-1551 – Remote Weapon Mount (x8) – £1.50

Mercenary Reinforcements Available

The first thing to say this morning is that we’ve finally caught up with orders again, and (apart from ones that arrived yesterday/overnight) the order queue is empty (happy dance … :-) ).

We previewed more additions to our Mercenary Brigade a little while back, and finally we’re able to announce the release of two of them.

The Sohei hover tank provides the Brigade with heavy firepower through one of four different main gun options – heavy laser, gatling, Discarding Sabot cannon or twin powergun. This is supplemented by a five-pod Manta missile rack and a remote weapon mount on the turret roof.


The Brigade’s infantry complement ride in Magnus APCs. These are a ‘battle-taxi’ type, with two remote weapon mounts for self defence but no heavier armament.


Designed by Zac Braham and Kirk Alderfer, both vehicles are available singly, or there is a Sohei platoon pack with crew, stowage and optional main guns.

SF15-1502 – Sohei Hover Tank – £11.00
SF15-1503 – Magnus APC – £8.00

PP15-1502 – Sohei Platoon Pack – £31.00


John Treadaway has written the Mercs into the Hammer’s Slammers universe as the Hiroseke National Army, adversaries of the Stewart Regiment. Not all of the vehicles are available yet, but we’re getting there – more Mercenary Brigade vehicles will be released in the next few days.

Decals on the painted models are 1/300th and 1/600th Japanese aircraft markings by Dom’s Decals.

Carrier Support

As promised last week, today we’re releasing the Indonesian carrier and fighter to complete the initial wave of their fleet. The fighters are scaled down versions of the existing Squadron Commander models, the Kampak and Pedang.


SFSP-1402 – Indonesian Carrier Pack – £22.00
SFS-1410 – Nanggalla class Carrier – £5.50
SFS-1460 – Pedang class Interceptor (x12) – £1.50
SFS-1461 – Kampak class Attack Fighter (x12) – £1.50

Des Res

Today’s new release is another very useful set of 2mm buildings in the Small Scale Scenery range. These are larger detached houses, useful as country houses, rectories, larger town houses, even inns or small hotels. The sort of house that the Brigadieress and I often drive past enviously while realising that we’re unlikely ever to be able to buy one on the Brigade profits … They can be found in villages or on the outer edges of towns or cities. Nowadays many of this type of large house have been converted into doctors’ or dentists’ surgeries, solicitors practices or subdivided into flats, but back in the day they’d be the home of local businessmen, doctors, lawyers, clergymen and other gentry.

Along with the existing sets of buildings (churches, village houses, terraces, Civic Buildings and town shops) we reckon it’s now possible to make a decent-sized English town from our range. All of the buildings have been modelled on real-world prototypes, most within a 10-mile radius of Brigade HQ.


SSS-8037 – English Detached Houses – £7.50

Celtos – The Saga Continues

firbolg3The slow but steady progress on the new Celtos rules continues; we held another round of playtesting a couple of weeks ago and, at the end of it, had very few notes or changes to make. Which is very good news, since it means that if we came up with so few changes or queries, the rules must be pretty solid. The actions we did take away were all in terms of fleshing out items like the range of hero abilities, available spells or extra cards for the Fate deck. So from here we need to build the final army lists, and then we’ll be just about ready for external playtesting :-)

The pile of new Celtos masters keeps growing, the box on the shelf above my desk has around twenty figures in it, with another half-a-dozen or so in the works. When we’re more confident about a release date and we have some prototype castings to paint then we’ll start previewing these.

In the meantime … a few photos of the latest playtesting round. You might spot some proxy figures (ie models from other manufacturers that are standing in for ones that we haven’t had made yet), some unpainted cavalry (unpainted figures … oh the shame of it !) and my painfully unreliable yellow ten-sided dice that were complete rubbish before lunch, but perked up afterwards to be demon critical hit throwers !

Indonesian Spaceships Released

I’m back from my holiday and straight into the swing of things again. Phil has been mould-making like mad while I’m away which means we have lots of new stuff to bring you in the next few weeks. Today sees the first part of the launch of our Indonesian spaceship range. They were originally scheduled to come out last week but I wasn’t here to do it !

The initial release consists of five models and a fleet pack. The star of the show is the Borobudur class battlecruiser, supported by two cruisers and two escorts.


SFS-1400 – Borobudur class Battlecruiser – £6.00
SFS-1420 – Sulawesi class Heavy Cruiser – £3.50
SFS-1421 – Toba class Light Cruiser – £2.00
SFS-1430 – Pembuang class Destroyer – £1.25
SFS-1440 – Martadinata class Frigate – £0.75

SFSP-1401 – Indonesian Fleet Pack – £22.00


The Nanggala class carrier and two fighter types will be released shortly, we just need to finalise moulds and painted models before they’re ready.

Platoon – Advance !

As a little something while I’m away, we’re launching a series of Platoon Packs for our 15mm range. Platoon packs are a great way to build up your forces quickly and save money into the bargain. They contain three tanks, along with a pack of vehicle stowage and a half-pack (five figures) of vehicle crew – and all of this for less than the cost of the three tanks bought individually.


Initially we’ve set up packs for ten types of tank. If these are successful then we’ll add other vehicle types, such as APCs. In the long term we’re planning our own range of infantry figures, so when they’re available we’ll add packs containing APCs and infantry.

PP15-101 – Apollo Platoon Pack – £22.00
PP15-301 – Thor Platoon Pack – £22.00
PP15-302 – Woden Platoon Pack – £31.00
PP15-401 – Montsabert Platoon Pack – £22.00
PP15-401d – Gallieni Platoon Pack – £22.00
PP15-402 – Garibaldi Platoon Pack – £28.00
PP15-602 – Rhino Platoon Pack – £26.50
PP15-701 – Cougar Platoon Pack – £26.50
PP15-1201 – Bizon Platoon Pack – £23.50
PP15-1501 – Shaman Platoon Pack – £22.00

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