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Previews, new releases, interesting stuff … and cakes !

Brigade Models - Previews, new releases, interesting stuff … and cakes !

Holiday Time !

It’s that time of year again when the Brigadieress and I disappear off to sunnier climes (hopefully sunnier, we’re staying in the UK this year). Phil will of course continue to man the fort, but for the next couple of weeks you may experience slower than usual turnaround on e-mails and orders. The webshop will remain open and we’ll plough through any backlog as soon as I return, but you may have to wait a little longer than usual for your goodies.

The blog will still keep going as I plan to queue up a few posts for the period I’m away, and hopefully I’ll return with a few new ideas (the French coastal forts came from a book I picked up on holiday last year – so who knows what I’ll find this time).


New South Africans

To follow up the recent release of the South African Rhino and Wildebeest, I’ve been working on some additional vehicles. I’ve remodelled the popular Buffel APC from the old range and beefed it up substantially – it now shares the same wheels as the Rhino and Wildebeest and could easily accommodate a full squad of infantry. It can be fitted with a cupola-mounted MG, or the roof turret ring will also take either of the secondary turrets from the Wildebeest’s forward mount.

Buffel CG

The other new model is the Hippo truck, which hasn’t been made in 15mm before. I’ve started with the basic design of the 6mm version, and added lots of detail.

Hippo CG

We’ve already had the new hulls for these two printed and they look great. I’ve been able to reuse lots of parts from the Rhino and Wildebeest, so all that’s needed to get these in production is moulds for the resin hulls – they should be out sometime towards the back end of September.

Hippo Master

Buffel Master

Nap of the Earth

This is the Angelshark. It’s a small, one-man VTOL with a chin-mounted autocannon and a magazine-fed Kestrel-2 missile launcher in each tilting wingtip nacelle, which also house the main thrusters. The pilot sits between the engine inlets in a flat panel cockpit.




The model consists of a resin body with six metal parts – the two nacelles, chin gun and three small landing feet. We don’t have a release date yet, but as soon as we have the production mould for the metal parts we’ll be good to go.

Pintel Weapons

We have some new 15mm accessories on the website today – and going by the correspondence I’ve had (mostly along the lines of ‘when are they going to be out ?’) I suspect that quite a few people need some of these. They are the 15mm pintel weapons, ideal for upgrading your vehicles and giving the guys in the turret something else to shoot with ! We have four designs, all with an integral gun shields.


SF15-910 – Pintel Machine-guns (x8) – £1.50
SF15-911 – Pintel Railguns (x8) – £1.50
SF15-912 – Pintel Gatling (x8) – £1.50
SF15-913 – Pintel Tri-barrel (x8) – £1.50

Gatling on a Shaman hovertank:
Pimped Shaman

Machine-gun on a Hippo APC:


Sharp-eyed readers might have noticed some cargo pods and containers in the background of some of our recent photos, and I’ve just added both to the website today – they were supposed to be released on Friday, but since the work is done and the website updated we thought we might as well announce them now.



SF15-914 – Large Cargo Container – £3.00
SF15-916 – Cargo Pods (x4) – £1.50

We still have some other new items up our sleeve for Friday :-)

On the Shore

This week we have several new items in the Small Scale Scenery range. First up are the French coastal forts previewed a couple of weeks back.

French Forts

Forts Boyard, Louvois and Lupin are in the Charente-Maritime region on France’s western coast. Boyard and Louvois lie off the Ile d’Oleron, while Lupin sits on the coastline of the Charente estuary, guarding the approaches to Rochefort. These will be very useful to naval gamers, but also to Aeronef and Land Ironclads players. Fort Lupin is very representative of Vauban coastal forts of the C.17th, so could be used to stand in for a number of other similar fortifications.

We also have a couple of smaller, but still very useful items – a small generic lighthouse, and a Daymark (a daymark is a high tower used for navigation – often placed on promontories or points. Essentially a lighthouse without the light).


SSS-8027 – Small Lighthouse – £0.50
SSS-8028 – Daymark – £0.50
SSS-8038 – Fort Boyard – £4.00
SSS-8039 – Fort Louvois- £4.00
SSS-8040 – Fort Lupin – £4.00

Jalesveva Jayamahe*

So today we’re previewing something completely new that I don’t think we’ve even mentioned before, let alone shown off.


These are starships of the Indonesian Space Navy (Ruang Indonesia Angkatan Laut or RIAL). There are six models here – a battlecruiser, carrier, two cruisers and two escorts. We’re still waiting on fighter moulds, which is why the photo of those is a bit ropey – but you can see that they’re nicely formed miniature versions of our two Squadron Commander fighters.

The design style is a bit different, with large vertical forward bridges and lots of heat-radiating fins.

None of the ships have names yet as we’re still a little way from release. Although we have master moulds we still have to cast and cleanup the tins for the production moulds.

*Jalesveva Jayamahe is the motto of the present-day Indonesian navy. Unfortunately it doesn’t really apply here as it translates to ‘On the sea, we are glorious’. If I could work out how to translate the first half to ‘In space’ I would, but various online translations of Sanskrit aren’t up to the job. I’m hoping that at least the RIAL translation is correct! :-S

Blown Away

Last weekend I was lucky to get in some gaming time with a couple of good friends, Robin Fitton (the author of Gruntz) and Jon Rogers (creator of the superb Arbuthnot’s League Aeronef game of a few years back). They provided all of the models, Jon with his US Great White Fleet and Rob with his freshly painted British. I commanded the British against Jon, with Rob umpiring. I didn’t take detailed notes of the action, but it’s safe to say that my rookie mistake of splitting my forces allowed Jon to quite decisively win the day :-(

The two sets of models looked superb and I did spend the day taking plenty of photos (perhaps I should have concentrated more on my tactics!) – here’s a selection below.

Jon’s US fleet is pretty unique in that it doesn’t actually have any American vessels in it – instead he’s just picked his favourite models (mostly Austro-Hungarian, although his flagship is a French Loire) and painted them in suitable colours, after first giving them lots of super-detailing. Rob’s British are more conventional, but they are excellently painted – they are the ones that illustrate our website.

Rob provided the vinyl sea mat, the islands are Jon’s handiwork while my contribution was a few coastal forts and buildings.

Wheels of Steel

This week’s new release is another pair of remastered models in our 15mm SF range – more correctly it’s one remaster and one completely new model. They’re also the first wheeled vehicles in the new range, which means that we now have hover, grav, tracked and wheeled to choose from.


The South African Confederation Rhino tank and Wildebeest heavy APC are large, six-wheeled vehicles. The Rhino carries an 11cm railgun and a secondary autocannon in a two-man turret, with advanced sensors in the left-hand side. Two further crewmembers, the driver and EW specialist (who also has a secondary set of driving controls), sit forward of the turret but protected by the bulk of the engine.


The Wildebeest has a two-man crew, driver and commander. The commander also controls the forward turret which is fitted with either a twin MG or an Umuvi light anti-tank missile system. The roomy troop compartment can accommodate up to twelve fully armed infantry, although squads are usually smaller and the extra space is used for supplies and additional ammunition. The basic APC model also has a roof hatch with a manually-controlled pintle weapon that can be manned by one of the passengers.


SF15-602 – Rhino MBT – £9.50
SF15-607 – Wildebeest APC – £8.50

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