The Han Chinese army is split into the Black Banner Guards and the People’s National Guard. Although both have ‘Guards’ on the end, the Black Banner get to ride round in fancy 8×8 APCs with big lasers on the roof, while PNG get nothing more than a bunch of trucks. The 15mm versions of the trucks have been out for a while, but the National Guard have had to wait until now for their turn in 6mm.

The main chassis is the 8×8 PAW MV-701, which can carry four TUs of infantry in the open rear bed, and a trailer can be added on to accommodate a further four TUs, although this does slow the vehicle down. For fire support, the PHL-18 is fitted with an 18-round rocket launcher capable of direct or indirect fire.

HS6-504 – MV-701 Truck and Trailer – £2.00
HS6-504a – MV-701 Truck – £1.50
HS6-504b – MV-792 Trailer – £0.75
HS6-504c – PHL-18 MRLS – £1.75

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No Man is an Island

Baffin’s Legion makes an appearance in the second part of the story ‘The Warrior’, as the Hindi and Han forces clash over the paddy fields of the town of Morobad. While the Han are supported by the Slammers, the Hindis are reinforced by Colonel Baffin and his force of tank destroyers, armoured infantry and heavy artillery.

The Legion is the final force in The Warrior that we have yet to cover, so the arrival of this new set of 15mm miniatures allows you to play out the battle of Morobad on the tabletop. The Legion’s armoured might is concentrated in their M12 tank destroyers – these are similar to the existing M12L14 used by the Flaming Sword and ben Mehdi’s Legion, but with a 15cm gun and pintel flechette support weapon instead of the later version’s 20cm and tribarrel.

The infantry ride in two types of APC. The GD-804 is a conventional vehicle with a flechette HSW in an armoured mount, while the Ar842 is a twin-hulled, articulated vehicle mounting a heavy conebore in a remote mount on the roof of the front cab.

The GD-804 chassis is used in several support variants; the GD-806 has a twin 3cm calliope for air defence, while the -807 variant is equipped with a hypersonic missile launcher. The GD-814 is a dedicated command vehicle with a large box body – infamously it’s in one of these where Colonel Baffin meets his end.

The 806 calliope is also fielded in a ground-mount variant. This is fitted to a 4-wheel carriage with a gun shield to protect the crew. This weapon, designated the GR-806T, is generally towed by a variant of the GD-516 hover jeep.

For artillery support, the Legion field the GD-621 Hog, a large fixed-superstructure vehicle with a 21cm rocket howitzer.

If you’re putting together a Baffin’s Legion force, we suggest using our Polish figures for infantry.

HS15-2011a – M12 Tank Destroyer – £8.50
HS15-4503 – GD-804 APC – £8.00
HS15-4503a – GD-806 Calliope – £8.00
HS15-4503b – GD-807 Missile Vehicle – £8.00
HS15-4503c – GD-814 Command – £8.00
HS15-4504 – Ar842 Twin-Hull APC – £10.00
HS15-4505 – GD-621 21cm Hog – £8.50
HS15-4506 – GD-516 Hover Jeep – £3.00
HS15-4507 – GR-806T Towed Calliope – £3.50

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Show Calendar 2024

Our list of shows for this year kicks off in a couple of weeks at Cavalier in Tonbridge. The full list of shows is below – it’s the same nine as we attended last year, including Re-Play, the new event at the Royal Engineer’s Museum in Gillingham, Kent.

Tunbridge Wells Wargames Society logo

As always, we welcome orders in advance of the shows. Our new website allows you to place an order and select ‘Pickup at Show’ as the shipping option – just let us know which show in the ‘Additional Information’ box.





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PacFed Supports

We have two new vehicles for the Pacific Federation (PacFed) in 15mm this week. Both the Quoll and Koala have been in the 6mm range for many years but never made the transition to the larger scale – well now they have.

The Quoll is a large vehicle with a twin railgun turret plus a missile pack on either side of the hull. Although designated a cavalry reconnaissance vehicle, its firepower means that it’s ideal for fast strike missions, being used in hit-and-run attacks on enemy outposts or behind the lines against logistics and command posts.

The Koala shares the same arrowhead grav skirts as the Quoll but with a different body mounting a pair of 10.5cm ECAP guns mounted high up on the superstructure. In its role as a tank destroyer, this allows the vehicle to fire from hull down positions with only the gun mounts in view. An alternative weapons load sees the ECAPs replaced by two Manta missile pods on the Koala-M.

SF15-707 – Quoll Cavalry Vehicle – £8.50
SF15-710 – Koala Tank Destroyer – £8.50

Full disclosure – we somehow forgot to paint a Koala-M, so there are no photos, just the 3D image. But it is available, you can select the missile armament as an option from the product page.

It’s time for one of our occasional shout-outs to other manufacturers whose products make ours look presentable. The image above has a background by artist Jon Hodgson. This is the first time we’ve used one, and rest assured that you’ll be seeing more of Jon’s work on the blog in future. In other credits, the mat on which the vehicles are sitting is from Geek Villain.

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Slugged Again

Our chum Phil Page over at Slug Industries has been at it again, with a new Kickstarter that expands his magnificient 6mm Medieval Village (we still have a few left if you’re tempted).

The expansion pack has another nine buildings plus some village figures and carts from Perfect Six Miniatures. We have that last couple of sets left over from the Kickstarter, which we’ve just added to the website – don’t hang around, there are literally just two of them.

SLUG-002 – Medieval Expansion Set – £60.00

UPDATE – we initially posted the wrong price – this has been corrected

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Hindi Detachments

Welcome to a new month, after a January that seemed to last about 60 days. The latest update on the order backlog is that by the end of today’s casting session we should have finished almost every order from January (there’s an odd one that needs a couple of 3D printed items) – so, in other words, we’ve finally caught up (go us !) and what passes for normal service has resumed.

This week we’ve added three 15mm Hammer’s Slammers detachment packs to the website for the Hindi Army. These are Heavy Armoured (lots of H-Tanks), Armoured Grenadier (infantry and scout cars) and Support (plenty of towed guns). To complete these we needed Hindi infantry missile teams, so we’ve added these to the website as well.

HSD14-4401 – Hindi Armoured Grenadier Detachment – £56.50
HSD14-4402 – Hindi Heavy Armoured Detachment – £90.00
HSD14-4403 – Hindi Support Detachment – £173.00
HS15-4463 – Hindi Missile Teams (x2) – £3.00

And in a complete 180-turn, here’s a new spaceship. Someone asked us why we didn’t have an armed version of our Medium Container Ship – after all, the parts are all interchangeable with the other container vessels. So we quickly put one together, gave it a lick of paint and added it to the website.

SFS-5005a – Medium Armed Merchant – £2.25

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Cold Storage

First (as always) – an update on orders. It’s stopped being cold here, instead it’s wet and windy ! That’s not so bad for production, and by the end of today we’re hoping to have caught up to January 19th – so we’re running a week behind (last week it was 9 days, which counts as progress of a sort).

Onto our new release this week, which is a set of three modern warehouses. We say modern, these could have been built anywhere, anytime in the last fifty years or so. They’re the sort of structure that can be seen on any industrial estate worldwide – although all three of these were based on ones on the outskirts of Maidstone, no more than a mile or two from Brigade HQ. Two are simple rectangular, pitched-roof designs while the third has the classic factory sawtooth roof. Two have office structures attached.

SSS-209 – Modern Warehouses (x3) – £5.00

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Desert Hospitality

First, another update on orders – we’ve shipped everything that arrived on or before Jan 4th (and some that arrived after that), and by the end of today’s casting session we hope to be up to Jan 10th, so the delay will be down to just over a week. We’re hoping that we’ll have cleared the whole of the backlog by the end of the month, but that of course depends on how many orders we get between now and then ! The cold weather here in the UK isn’t helping – the workshop is mostly unheated (yesterday it didn’t get above 6-7°C inside the building). This makes resin casting especially problematic – the resin is incredibly brittle and is likely to snap if you so much as look at it funny, so demoulding is a challenge. However, the temperature is forecast to reach a balmy 12°C on Monday, which will make things much easier (and it’ll stop the tea going cold within a few minutes !).

This week, we’re back in the (6mm) deserts with these three new buildings. The first is a Caravanserai – on Old Earth, these were roadside inns along major trade routes such as the Silk Road. In past times they would have food and lodging for both the weary traveller, and also for their horses or camels. In this variant it’s more likely to be fuel for the grav sled, but the idea is the same. They generally had a large entrance leading to a courtyard with rooms leading off from there. Ours has the same layout, with the addition of a tower to one side.

This one has been made into a small diorama with an oasis and outbuilding, to fit in with our other desert scenery.

Our second offering is a Fondouk, which has a similar purpose to the caravanserai, but more likely to be found in urban settings, and more of a drinking house. The sort of place where disreputable rogues, scoundrels and starship captains hang out !

Finally, and vital for the desert regions, a small water tower to keep everyone hydrated.

B300-114 – Water Tower – £1.50
B300-115 – Fondouk – £3.00
B300-154 – Caravanserai – £5.00

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A Decade On

It’s a small but significant anniversary today – it’ll be ten years since one of us (Tony to be precise) took the plunge and threw himself into Brigade full time. Overall, Brigade has been running for almost 36 years, but for the first quarter century it was a part-time exercise. We didn’t announce it until a little later as there were a few legal loose-ends to tie up first, so you won’t have known at the time, but Tony’s first day as a full-time Brigadier was Jan 16th, 2014. A lot of water (and resin and metal) has flowed under the bridge since then.

At a rough estimate, we’ve released well over 2000 new items in those ten years – that’s something like four a week !

  • 270 15mm SF vehicles
  • 253 Imperial Skies craft
  • 239 6mm SF vehicles
  • 213 Small Scale Scenery items
  • 151 6mm buildings and scenery items, and 22 packs
  • 149 Spaceships
  • 118 packs of 15mm figures
  • 117 15mm detachments and platoon packs
  • 100 sheets of 15mm decals
  • 84 6mm detachments and company packs
  • 68 15mm buildings and scenery items
  • 67 Imperial Skies fleet and flotilla packs
  • 51 packs of assorted 15mm accessories and components
  • 42 assorted packs of accessories and components for Imperial Skies
  • 21 10mm SF buildings
  • 20 Spaceship squadron packs
  • 18 28mm WWI vehicles
  • 14 Squadron Commander fighters
  • 12 packs of 28mm WWI Belgian figures
  • 12 1/700th coastal forts and buildings
  • 11 15mm WWI vehicles
  • 10 packs of 6mm figures
  • 4 Celtos army packs for SAGA

plus of course the various packs of dice and bases, plus rulebooks, gameplay aids etc.

As a small celebration, here’s another splendid looking Brigadier to add to our collection. Technically, he’s not actually a Brigadier – in fact we outrank him, as he’s a Lieutenant Colonel. Lt Colonel Carrera in fact, of the Royalist army on Pontefract. He appears in the Hammer’s Slammers story The Darkness, and we were always struck by the description of him – “An officer in a green dress uniform with gold crossbelts was coming up the steps from one of the trailers, steadying his bicorne hat“. We just had to have a version of the Brigadier in a bicorne ! So here he is, sculpted for us by Jeremey ‘Germy’ Claridge.

SF15-016 – Brigadier in Bicorne – £0.50

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Dodgy History

Today we have a couple more additions to the Small Scale Scenery range of forts and castles, including one of the models we previewed at the start of the year.

Schloss Wewelsburg is a renaissance castle built between 1603 and 1609 near Paderborn, Westphalia. It was fought over and changed hands several times in the Thirty Years War, and was razed by Swedish troops, being rebuilt after 1650. It also acted as a military prison in the Seven Years War, and even had witch trials held in the cellar in 1631.

Its C.20th history is somewhat darker, as it was leased by Heinrich Himmler in 1934 and became an important centre of the Nazi cult. Rather than repeat all of that rather sinister background here, you can read about it on Wikipedia. In 1945, as the war came to an end, the fleeing SS garrison attempted to destroy the castle but ran out of explosives, and it was siezed by US forces.

Nowadays, after restoration the castle houses several museums and war memorials, covering both the WW2 era and earlier.

Our second release is Hull Castle, an artillery fort built in 1542 as part of Henry VIII’s Device Fort program (keen followers will know that there are plenty of other Device Forts in the range already). The castle was rectangular with a curved bastion at either end and a central keep. There were also two large satellite blockhouses, each with three bastions, all linked by a crenellated curtain wall – the whole structure was over half a mile from end to end.

The castle, like so many Device Forts, never saw any action against the French and Spanish who it was intended to deter (so arguably it did its job). From 1577, it was used to imprison Catholics who refused accept the Church of England. It did see extensive action in the English Civil War when Hull declared for parliament, including two sieges and the accidental demolition of part of the North blockhouse by the defenders ! Eventually the defences of Hull were remodelled and the castle and South blockhouse became part of the Hull Citadel. In the Napoleonic wars it was used as an armoury, but eventually the whole site was demolished as the docks were expanded. Nowadays there is nothing left apart from some excavated foundations.

We’ve modelled the three main structures of the castle, and suggest that if you wish to model the wall that you use the resin wall pieces from our Modular Castle set.

SSS-8206 – Schloss Wewelsburg – £6.00
SSS-8207 – Hull Castle – £5.00

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