Desert Micro Warriors

Our other new set of models for Sunday’s Joy of Six show is this rather large collection of Sincanmo dune buggies. There are 14 different chassis in three configurations – half-track, 4×4 and 6×6 – and a total of 22 variants once the turret and weapon options are added up.

We don’t yet have a full list of product codes, you’ll have to find us on Sunday and just point at the ones you want!

They make ideal counterparts to our recently released 6mm Desert Raider infantry, and their natural opponents in the Hammer’s Slammers universe are the Hashemite Nation, already available from us.

The Iron Horse Gets Guns

So we promised some new items for the Joy of Six on Sunday, and here is the first. Our 6mm monorail came out several years ago and we’ve added a few extra bits and pieces since the initial release. The latest addition gives it some teeth, with a set of six armed and armoured carriages. When we get them onto the website you’ll be able to buy all the carriages separately, but for the show we’re keeping it simple with two options – an 8-carriage full-on armoured train, and a two-carriage scout train.

The larger train consists of a command car, an armoured locomotive, two infantry carriages, two artillery carriages and two tank cars. The scout train has just two scout cars. We’re still working out the exact turret configuration, so the final versions may differ slightly from these pictures – we’ll offer multiple options when it gets onto the website, but for Jo6 we’ll probably keep it simple.

Maidstone Wargames Society Open Day

Coming up this Saturday is our local club’s Open Day. Maidstone Wargames Society has a history dating back over 50 years (the Golden Jubilee was rather disrupted by the pandemic) and a current membership of around 30. The Open Day is an annual showcase where the club puts on a number of games so that potential new members can see what goes on, try out a game or two and see if the club is for them.

We’ll be there in our role as club members. Tony has been working hard on one of the games on display, a 6mm Hammer’s Slammers event which you can join in to get a feel for the rules. If that doesn’t float your boat then there are modern, Spanish Civil War, renaissance and other games to try. You can find out more here.

Joy of Six ’22

Our next show, the Joy of Six at Sheffield Hallam University, is just over two weeks away, on July 3rd. The show is making a come back after a couple of years off with over twenty 6mm games and a dozen traders including the organisers, Baccus.

Since this is a specialised 6mm show we take a very cut-down subset of our ranges:

  • Full range of 6mm Hammer’s Slammers models, including a good selection of detachment packs
  • Full range of 6mm Iron Cow models, including a full range of army and company packs
  • Full selection of building/scenery models of all types, including packs
  • Full range of Squadron Commander fighters, both individual and blister packs
  • The complete 2mm Small Scale Scenery range

We’re hoping to have some new releases lined up for the show, which we’ll preview before the day, so keep checking between now and the 3rd.

If you would like anything from one of our other ranges, you can order it in advance and collect on the day. You can either place an order and pay in full using the collect in person option on the website, or just drop us an email with a list and pay by cash or card on the day. Since we’re on holiday for the week leading up to the show, we’ll need any orders well in advance to give us a chance to get them ready – the cut-off date is June 22nd.

Great War Vehicles in 28mm (and more)

News today of a new venture for us. We’ve had a store on Shapeways selling a few 3D printed bits and pieces for quite a few years; initially it did quite well, but changes in their pricing structure have made some items unaffordable and sales have dropped off markedly in recent times. So we’ve taken the decision to close it, and instead we’re going to concentrate on printing our own models and selling them directly from the website. We will have stocks of the first offerings at Broadside tomorrow; the two scenic pieces are already on the website, expect the others (and many more) to arrive there soon.

We’re adding a range of 3D printed vehicles to our existing 28mm Great War range, starting with three models. The first is the Bussing A5P armoured car, a single example of which was built by Germany and used in Romania and Ukraine in 1916-17.

Adding heavy firepower is the 21 cm Mörser 10 used in large numbers (over 200 were built) by the Germans throughout the Great War.

Finally for the Great War, we have a Ford Model T armoured car, used by the Royal Naval Air Service on the Eastern Front. There’s also a destroyed version (r) for those inevitable moments when the Germans find their range…

We’re also going to be printing some of the most frequently bought scenery pieces from the old Shapeways store. The Transmitter Pylon is the biggest selling item in the range, so we had to start there. At just under 6″ tall, it can be used as a small-ish 6mm scale pylon, or alternatively as a large 2mm TV tower (it’s based upon the Crystal Palace tower).

The final offering for now is a pair of 1/1000th scale Gasholders of the telescopic type common in Europe. Although mostly decommissioned nowadays, they were a common sight on the skylines of most towns and cities.

All are 3D printed in resin; although we will attempt to hold stocks of these items, orders may be delayed slightly if we ever have to print to order.

GW28-301 – Bussing A5P Armoured Car – £21.00
GW28-302 – 21 cm Mörser 10 – £14.00
GW28-101 – Ford Model T Armoured Car – £6.50
GW28-101d – Ford Model T Armoured Car (destroyed) – £6.50
SF300-902 – Transmitter Tower – £7.50
SSS-8191 – Gasholders (x2) – £3.00

Steps of Emotion

This week’s offerings are a small collection of useful 6mm scenic items.

First up is a set of eight cargo containers in various sizes, scaled down versions of our 15mm ones. You get four large, two small and two mini containers. The large one fits neatly on one of our monorail flat cars, while the medium ones can be carried by a Hippo heavy truck.

To allow better access to our new Deep Ocean Research Centre we have a pack containing four sets of stairs, an elevator and a ramp.

I’ve been making some scenery for a display game recently, and decided that I could also use some additional steps and stairs, so I made a set to go with those in the same material. The pack contains fourteen different items, including main steps for large buildings, straight stairs and also 90° corner ones in both directions.

Another item I wanted for my scenery was some arches to go between buildings, so this set has four ranging from one big enough to drive a tank through, down to a small one which would only fit a single soldier.

SF300-901 – Cargo Containers (x8) – £2.00
B300-151 – Steps and Stairs (x14) – £2.00
B300-152 – Archways (x4) – £1.50
B300-1252 – Stairs and Elevator – £2.00

This World of Water

Some time ago someone commented on Facebook asking why many/most sci-fi wargames buildings seem to be desert themed. He has a point, and I won’t pretend that we’re not guilty of this – we have three main desert themed building ranges (although it must be said in our defence that they outsell all our other sci-fi building ranges collectively). In case you hadn’t already worked it out, the answer to the Facebook poster’s original question is, of course, ‘Tatooine’ (which I’m sure he knew).

But we’re always on the lookout to do something different – the Moonbase set is always popular, as are the advanced buildings (both of which we really need to expand). And today we’re moving into a completely new environment with the release of the Deep Ocean Research Centre (or DORC if you prefer). This series of buildings sits on platforms above the surface of a newly discovered planet’s fathomless oceans, where the inhabitants perform whatever research-type things that marine scientists do. The initial offering has six different structures but we already have ideas for more, so don’t be surprised if others appear. We have a small accommodation platform, a research lab platform, VTOL landing pad, desalination plant, workshop/utility platform and command centre to start off with. There is also a set of small connecting walkways to allow easy access between platforms. This being a sci-fi setting, there are naturally no handrails.

Of course you don’t necessarily need to use these on the water – they could be placed in a hostile land environment such as a jungle, where the buildings need to be raised up from the jungle floor to deter predators.

The buildings and platforms are cast as single resin pieces, while the metal legs fit into gaps around the platform edge. A couple of the larger buildings have separate metal aerials or radars. For access, some legs have ladders moulded on, while the VTOL platform comes with a ramp. A set of extra legs is also available separately if you wanted to scratchbuild your own models.

BP300-1201 – DORC Starter Pack – £16.50
B300-1201 – Small Accommodation Platform – £2.00
B300-1202 – Research Lab Platform – £3.00
B300-1203 – VTOL Landing Platform – £2.00
B300-1204 – Desalination Plant – £2.00
B300-1205 – Workshop/utility Platform – £3.00
B300-1206 – Command Centre – £4.00
B300-1250 – Walkways (x6) – £2.50
B300-1251 – Spare Legs (x12) – £5.00

And credit is due to Geek Villain, the models were photographed on one of their superb fleece Pacific sea mats.

Desert Raider Reinforcements

We’ve pretty much caught up with the backlog of orders from the Christmas holiday, and have finally updated the website for the new EU shipping solution, so it’s time for our first new release of 2022. The 15mm Desert Raider figures have plenty of options in terms of heavy weapons and lizard cavalry, so we wanted their 6mm counterparts to be similarly reinforced.

We have two new packs – a set of 12 Lizard Riders, plus a pack of heavy weapons teams with two each of two weapon types.

HS6-4261 – Lizard Riders (x12) – £4.00
HS6-4262 – Desert Raider Heavy Weapons (x4) – £2.00

Coming in 2022

We did promise recently that we’d give a few clues about what we have coming in 2022 (beware what you say in a Facebook comment…). As always, our release schedule will be fairly fluid (there are weeks when we’re scrabbling round to find something that’s ready!) and the recent cancellation of Salute means that we’ve had to rewrite it again 🙁

But we do try to have some sort of plan, while also leaving some deliberate gaps just in case we have a flash of inspiration somewhere along the line.

Imperial Skies

We’ll be moving on with the South American fleets, with the Uruguayans making their appearance very soon (they’re ready apart from the final production mould for the small ships). Once the local fleets have been finished we want to add British, French and Dutch units for their respective colonial fleets.

General Artigas class Light Battleship (Uruguay)

Hammer’s Slammers

The first HS models of 2022 will be 6mm versions of the Sincanmo dune buggies that came out in 15mm at the end of last year. Then we have a pair of matched forces that come from the same story (chapter 2 of The Warrior if you’d like to read ahead) – the Han Black Banner and Hindi National Army. The Han use lots of 8×8 wheeled vehicles and laser main armaments, along with 1-man trikes for command and liaison. The Hindis on the other hand have tracked tank destroyers and heavy anti-tank guns. The plan is to release the 6mm forces one week followed by the 15mm versions the next (or maybe the other way round). After that … who knows? There is an unusual 10-wheeled tank destroyer somewhere in the mix too…


The first project of the year (apart from a couple of odd EuroFed models) will be a batch of new capital ships for the German fleet to replace the existing ships. After that we’re planning a redesign of another of the remaining fleets, and (drum roll here…) releasing a brand new fleet – the first in a long time. This was supposed to have happened last year, but events overtook us. We also have to finish off some space stations, another partially completed but delayed project.

Voltigeur Corvette

Small Scale Scenery

This releases in this range tends to be more random, Phil now does much of the design work so what comes out depends on his mood…

What we already have lined up starts with six forts/castles, including a very impressive Polish Baroque fortress. There’s a set of distinctive buildings for the Free City of Hamburg in case anyone fancies creating a northern European port. Phil’s also embarked on a series of buildings from days gone by in our home town of Maidstone – well, we say ‘series’, so far it’s just the one, but I’m hopeful…

Glücksburg Castle

Other Ranges

There should be some additions to the Squadron Commander range of starfighters – some will be larger vessels such as shuttles or assault craft, which will have a crossover with the 6mm range.

We should add some more small forts to the 1/700 range, plus a set of generic houses which we’ve been asked for several times.

Phil is putting the finishing touches to a 28mm Belgian artillery piece for the Great War range. This will be a departure for us in that it will be released as a 3D printed model, created on a hi-res resin printer. He’s also part way through a stretcher team for the Surgeon General fundraiser range.

Speaking of which, it will see some other new medically themed additions, these will generally be single models that appear as part of a larger release.

And Finally…

In other news, the EU shipping solution should go on line this week – our account is set up and we’re ready to go with the shipping agent. I’ve made the website changes but was wary of uploading them just before the Christmas holiday when I may not be on hand to make any fixes.

Medical Centres

The next batch of new releases to arrive on the website are these three 6mm Medical Centres, one each in the Desert Buildings, Research Base and Moonbase ranges.

Desert Medical Centre
Research Base Medical Centre
Moonbase Medical Centre

These models are the first in our new Macmillan charity fund-raising range. 50% of the ex-VAT price of these models will be donated to Macmillan Cancer Support. All of the models will be listed in the ranges in which they belong, and there is also a separate page for the range, which we’ve christened the Surgeon General range, which will bring all of the models together. We’ll update the page as we go along with how much money we’ve raised (we’re not expecting to raise a fortune, but every little helps).

B300-148 – Desert Medical Centre – £3.50
B300-507 – Research Base Medical Centre – £2.00
B300-606 – Moonbase Medical Centre – £3.00