Temple of Doom

We have two new 6mm buildings today, just to keep the city builders amongst you occupied.

The first is a small temple in the Desert Outlands range, somewhere to find some peace and solitude in the depths of the Outlands.

The other is far different – a large tower which we’ve dubbed a Corporate Tower, holding offices and similar, such as they’re needed on a colony planet.

B300-149 – Corporate Tower – £5.00
B300-807 – Small Temple – £3.00

Laser Towers

Recently we helped out a customer who was trying to assemble some 6mm Laser Towers, using our existing Control Tower model as a base. We thought it would be pretty easy to create a new specific laser tower, using a new resin tower model and a 15mm metal laser weapon that we already have. So here’s the result…

They’re available singly or in a pack with two laser towers and one radar tower. Other weapons or turrets could be used – if there’s anything else from our ranges you’d like instead of the laser, just drop us a line.

BP300-1006 – Laser Tower Pack – £11.00
B300-1006 – Laser Tower – £4.00
B300-1006a – Radar Tower – £4.00

Fast Attack

Some of the first models in both our 6mm and 15mm sci-fi ranges were the three variants of the EuroFed Javelot scout car. The larger scale versions were replaced several years ago with new designs, along with several 6×6 vehicles. We’ve now brought these updated models to the smaller scale.

There are five basic vehicles – the Javelot 4×4 scout car, the Musareigne 4×4 utility car, Lievre 6×6 pickup, and the Belette and Blaireau 6×6 field cars.

Javelot 4×4 Family – (l-r) missile, Musaraigne, gatling, mortar, twin MG

The Javelot and Belette have three armed variants with either a twin MG, missile or gatling mounts. The Javelot also comes in mortar and tow truck options as well, for a grand total of 11 new vehicles.

(l-r) Belette gatling, Belette missile, Blaireau, Belette twin MG, Lievre

In the Hammer’s Slammers universe, these vehicles are used by the Hashemite Nation as their primary light vehicles, alongside a smaller number of larger Broadsword and Catapult AFVs. Coupled with the recent release of the new Desert Raider figures we’ve been able to put together two 6mm packs for National Brigade and Desert Raider detachments.

SF300-406 – Javelot Scout Car with twin MG – £0.75
SF300-406a – Javelot Scout Car with gatling – £0.75
SF300-406b – Javelot Scout Car with missiles – £0.75
SF300-406c – Musaraigne Utility Car – £0.75
SF300-406e – Javelot Scout Car with mortar – £0.75
SF300-406f – Javelot Tow Truck – £0.75
SF300-412 – Lièvre 6×6 Pickup Truck – £0.80
SF300-412a – Blaireau 6×6 Utility – £0.80
SF300-412b – Belette 6×6 with Twin MGs – £0.80
SF300-412c – Belette 6×6 with Gatling – £0.80
SF300-412d – Belette 6×6 with Missiles – £0.80

HSD6-4201 – Hashemite National Brigade Detachment – £9.75
HSD6-4202 – Hashemite Desert Raider Detachment – £9.50

Dropping from Orbit

Our games of sci-fi combat, whether it’s in 28mm, 15mm or 6mm scale, involve armies spanning the space between planets before dropping to the surface to face off against the opposition. But how do they get from a giant troop carrier in orbit to the ground ? Today we have a couple of solutions in the shape of the Athena Dropship and Heracles Assault Shuttle.

The Athena is a mid-sized troop carrier, capable of carrying 16 troops in relative comfort or more if they don’t mind being squashed in a bit. It can also accommodate a light tank or armoured car instead if necessary. The model has five pieces – resin hull, with metal wings, engines and tail.

The Heracles is considerably larger with the capacity to haul two main battle tanks or four smaller vehicles, or as much as a full infantry company for short journey. Unlike the Athena, the Heracles has some defensive armament in the shape of two turrets – one dorsal and one chin – mounting either a pair of gatlings or railguns. The model is a one-piece resin hull with the two metal turrets.

At 1/300th scale, the models could also be used in games of Squadron Commander, being escorted by flights of Kestrels or Valkyries. Or you could play the same scenarios with our fleet scale models since both models are already available in that range.

SF300-111 – Athena class Dropship – £6.00
SF300-112 – Heracles class Assault Shuttle – £10.00

Somebody’s Watching Me

Slightly later than normal (I had a day off sightseeing in London yesterday), today sees the addition of these imposing Guard Towers to our 6mm Town Walls range. Unlike the open topped Watchtowers, these are taller and are fully enclosed so the guards can keep an eye out in air-conditioned comfort. They add an even higher level of security to your desert townships, or can be used to create a secure military base. You could even make a prison – they have windows all of the way round so the guards can look in as well as out.

B300-188 – Guard Towers (x2) – £4.00
B300-188a – Corner Guard Towers (x2) – £4.50

Sadly, our summer holidays are at an end for now so it’ll be back to work full steam on Monday, ploughing through the order backlog.

Quiet Riot

The peace is shattered, there’s panic on the streets and no-one is safe. A familiar theme from the Hammerverse, where insurrection is just a powergun bolt away…

Of course, one man’s terrorist is another’s Freedom Fighter, so we present a bunch of 6mm ne’er-do-wells that we’ve termed Armed Civilians. There are six different sculpts in each pack of 24 figures with an assortment of small arms.

To support and transport our armed insurgents we have scaled down our Cyclo 3-wheelers to 6mm. There are six different versions from a basic open-backed pickup to a tri-barrel armed police vehicle.

There’s also a Prosperity Rebels detachment pack with a mix of cyclos, stolen military APCs and rebel infantry.

HS6-3860 – Armed Civilians (x24) – £2.75
SF300-9000 – Cyclo Pickup – £0.50
SF300-9000a – Armed Cyclo – £0.50
SF300-9000b – Cyclo Van – £0.50
SF300-9000c – Cyclo Taxi – £0.50
SF300-9000d – Police Cyclo – £0.50
SF300-9000e – Cyclo Tow Truck – £0.50
HSD6-3805 – Prosperity Rebel Infantry Detachment – £16.50

Alien Support

Today’s release consists of four new support variants of the 6mm Yenpalo Xarledi grav tank. These give the aliens some heavy fire support, air-defence cover and missile capability.

There is also a new Yenpalo Fire Support Group with three of each model.

IC-1103 – Yenpalo Fire Support Group – £13.50
SF300-1101a – Xarledi Heavy Support Tank – £1.25
SF300-1101b – Xarledi Light Support Tank – £1.25
SF300-1101c – Xarledi AA Tank – £1.25
SF300-1101d – Xarledi Missile Tank – £1.25

These vehicles are already available in 15mm, in case you wanted them in the larger scale.

Warriors of the Wasteland

Today we have another addition to our range of 6mm figures. Sculpted again by Martin Baker, our Desert Raiders pack has 24 figures in Shemagh (headscarves) and cloaks with a variety of armaments including rifles, AT rocket launchers and squad support weapons.

In Hammer’s Slammers they’re ideal as warriors for Hashemite (which is what we have them listed under) or Sincanmo forces. If you game in other systems then a) we won’t hold that against you 🙂 and b) we’re sure you can find a use for them anyway – they’d make great Fremen, for example.

HS6-4260 – Desert Raiders (x24) – £3.00

6mm Smorgasbord

We have a few odds and ends of 6mm scenery to release today. The first is an addition to the Desert Outlands range of 6mm buildings, which are slightly different in style to the rest of the Desert Buildings. This is a bigger model which we’ve termed a Large Residence.

The other two items expand our options for 6mm airbases. The first is a Blast Pen for sheltering aircraft on the ground from bomb blasts (they’re also known as Revetments). It’s large enough to house a single 1/300th aircraft or VTOL.

Finally we have tanks for storing aviation fuel. These come in a pair and would also work in 15mm as smaller fuel or water tanks.

B300-146 – Blast Pen – £2.50
B300-147 – Fuel Tank (x2) – £4.00
B300-806 – Large Residence – £3.00
BP300-802 – Walled Village – £15.00

Lunar Monorail

Two bits of news first – we’ve had a restock of Hammer’s Slammers figures in both 6mm and 15mm from Ground Zero Games, so all of our army, detachment and troop packs for the Slammers Regiment are back in stock.

We’ve also just heard that Colours has unfortunately been postponed again – the organisers don’t feel that they have enough certainty to go ahead so thought it better to pull the plug early, which is fair enough.

So this week’s main release is some more additions to our 6mm Monorail, which first took to the tracks last year. We have a Lunar Station, plus some additional carriages – a pair of engine cars which together make a short train for both passengers and equipment, and a pair of hazardous waste transporter cars. They ended up being code-named the Moon-o-rail, which has stuck…

Of course you don’t have to use it on the moon – the station makes an excellent alternative to the existing Desert Station in more advanced settings.

B300-1106 – Lunar Station – £10.00
B300-1135 – Lunar Carriages (x2) – £3.00
B300-1136 – Hazardous Waste Transporter Cars (x2) – £3.00

For inspiration, we recommend Artemis by Andy Weir – this features a lunar settlement with a monorail, which is where the idea came from (and it’s a very good story).