Return of the Crucible

Some great news for Hammer’s Slammers fans this week. The original Crucible rulebook hasn’t been available (at least from us) for a while, but this past weekend we took delivery of a new softback version.

What’s in this edition ?

There’s the basic rules; the First Appendix (with the Alien Autochthons); the Second Appendix with Elite Skills and Personnel; the Third Appendix with Tank Names for the Slammers; plus the Timeline. The rules have been corrected where mistakes were detected, plus extra material has been included, lifted directly from the supplements. Finally, many of the measurements included have been adjusted to favour 15mm models rather than the 28mm ones in the original hard-copy rule set.

What’s not in this Edition (compared to the hardback) ?

There’s no introduction from Dave Drake; no background about the Slammers or all of the other forces listed in the original. In fact most of the first 100 pages are missing. There’s also no painting guide (it was aimed squarely at 28mm vehicles after all); and many of the illustrations of 28mm vehicles have been replaced by 15mm ones.

With this rule set – plus the five supplements and play sheets from the website at – you are ready to play Hammer’s Slammers.

We have both the paperback (which is lighter and thus cheaper to post than the hardback) and you can also get a PDF digital version from us if you prefer to read on your tablet or Kindle.

HSC-008 – Hammer’s Slammers:The Digital Crucible (softback) – £20.00
HSC-009 – Hammer’s Slammers:The Digital Crucible (PDF edition) – £9.99

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