The Han Chinese army is split into the Black Banner Guards and the People’s National Guard. Although both have ‘Guards’ on the end, the Black Banner get to ride round in fancy 8×8 APCs with big lasers on the roof, while PNG get nothing more than a bunch of trucks. The 15mm versions of the trucks have been out for a while, but the National Guard have had to wait until now for their turn in 6mm.

The main chassis is the 8×8 PAW MV-701, which can carry four TUs of infantry in the open rear bed, and a trailer can be added on to accommodate a further four TUs, although this does slow the vehicle down. For fire support, the PHL-18 is fitted with an 18-round rocket launcher capable of direct or indirect fire.

HS6-504 – MV-701 Truck and Trailer – £2.00
HS6-504a – MV-701 Truck – £1.50
HS6-504b – MV-792 Trailer – £0.75
HS6-504c – PHL-18 MRLS – £1.75

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