No Man is an Island

Baffin’s Legion makes an appearance in the second part of the story ‘The Warrior’, as the Hindi and Han forces clash over the paddy fields of the town of Morobad. While the Han are supported by the Slammers, the Hindis are reinforced by Colonel Baffin and his force of tank destroyers, armoured infantry and heavy artillery.

The Legion is the final force in The Warrior that we have yet to cover, so the arrival of this new set of 15mm miniatures allows you to play out the battle of Morobad on the tabletop. The Legion’s armoured might is concentrated in their M12 tank destroyers – these are similar to the existing M12L14 used by the Flaming Sword and ben Mehdi’s Legion, but with a 15cm gun and pintel flechette support weapon instead of the later version’s 20cm and tribarrel.

The infantry ride in two types of APC. The GD-804 is a conventional vehicle with a flechette HSW in an armoured mount, while the Ar842 is a twin-hulled, articulated vehicle mounting a heavy conebore in a remote mount on the roof of the front cab.

The GD-804 chassis is used in several support variants; the GD-806 has a twin 3cm calliope for air defence, while the -807 variant is equipped with a hypersonic missile launcher. The GD-814 is a dedicated command vehicle with a large box body – infamously it’s in one of these where Colonel Baffin meets his end.

The 806 calliope is also fielded in a ground-mount variant. This is fitted to a 4-wheel carriage with a gun shield to protect the crew. This weapon, designated the GR-806T, is generally towed by a variant of the GD-516 hover jeep.

For artillery support, the Legion field the GD-621 Hog, a large fixed-superstructure vehicle with a 21cm rocket howitzer.

If you’re putting together a Baffin’s Legion force, we suggest using our Polish figures for infantry.

HS15-2011a – M12 Tank Destroyer – £8.50
HS15-4503 – GD-804 APC – £8.00
HS15-4503a – GD-806 Calliope – £8.00
HS15-4503b – GD-807 Missile Vehicle – £8.00
HS15-4503c – GD-814 Command – £8.00
HS15-4504 – Ar842 Twin-Hull APC – £10.00
HS15-4505 – GD-621 21cm Hog – £8.50
HS15-4506 – GD-516 Hover Jeep – £3.00
HS15-4507 – GR-806T Towed Calliope – £3.50

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