It’s Not Easy Bein’ Green

Given the large number of planets that humanity has colonised in the Hammer’s Slammers series, there’s surprising little sign or mention of sentient aliens in the books. One race that does materialise (literally) is the Molts from the planet Oltenia – they’re also known as Autochthons, although this simply means original inhabitants. They are bipedal, humanoid creatures with the ability to teleport which they do by tuning into the energy flows in the living rock of the planet. This talent is put to good use in their campaign of hit and run raids against the human colonisers of Oltenia, who the Molts view as unwelcome occupiers of their planet. The Oltenians struggle to contain the local populace and eventually end up hiring the Slammers to restore order (the story is At Any Price – you’ll find it in book two of the three volume compendium).

Molt figures have always been available in 25mm from Ground Zero Games, but not in the smaller scales. This week we’re rectifying that in 6mm with the release of a set of Molt figures, sculpted for us by Martin Baker (who also sculpted the 25mm ones back in 2010). There are 24 figures per pack – three each of eight sculpts, including a leader/elder with bladed weapon, gunner with captured buzzbomb and six figures with small arms (either a powergun or combat shotgun).

Molts are reptilians and have green skin which darkens as they age, and yellow-ish eyes (good luck with those in 6mm…). They don’t wear clothing, although they have adopted crossbelts, bandoliers and pouches to store ammunition – doubtless stolen from a hapless Oltenian trooper.

They don’t have a regular organisation like human forces, instead they are arranged in ‘Themes’ (their equivalent to a detachment in the rules). Individuals are classified by their age and experience, from Adolescents through to Elders, and are armed with a selection of small arms, hand weapons or explosives. The Crucible gives details of how to generate a Theme, with differing numbers of each category and armament. The rules were originally written to handle Molt warriors as individuals – but this was using 25mm figures. If you don’t want to have to deal with single 6mm figures, we’d suggest using the rules as written but grouping the Molts on bases of 3-4 figures as we have and treating each base as you would a single 25mm figure.

HS6-4670 – Molt Warriors (x24) – £3.00

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