Fortified Walls

We have two more additions to our 6mm Town Walls range today. Following on from the release of the versions with walkways at the back end of last year, we have a wall piece with a projecting bastion (for sticking a gun or infantry heavy weapon on), plus a formidable fortified gateway.

The gateway has the option of an enclosed bunker or open walkway over the gate, and two gun turrets sit either side of the approach to the doors. The doors can be assembled either open or closed (sorry, we couldn’t manage a working hinge mechanism in 6mm scale !).

We also have a new Fortified Walls set which has ten pieces and a 160 x 240mm footprint.

BP300-109 – Fortified Encampment – £16.00
B300-192 – Fortified Gateway – £4.00
B300-193 – Wall with Bastion (x2) – £3.50

Backdrop by Jon Hodgson Backdrops; desert mat by Tiny Wargames.

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