It’s a Rough Galaxy

It sure is a tough life, roaming the spacelanes in search of action, adventure, or maybe just your next meal. But we have just the people (creatures ?) to do it ! The first of our Salute releases to hit the website are four packs of Adventurers, ready for whatever the universe throws at them. They make ideal figures for games such as Stargrave, Five Parsecs from Home or the one that started it all, Traveller. Or perhaps they’d make great armed civilians for Hammer’s Slammers, or a rag-rag bunch of mercenaries for whatever game system you fancy.

There are four packs of six figures, each a random mix of humans and aliens (and some unknowns – who knows what’s under those helmets ?). There’s lots of blasters, the odd prosthetic limb, and even a force sword or two.

Adventurers Pack

SF15-017 – Adventurers Pack 1 – £3.50
SF15-018 – Adventurers Pack 2 – £3.50
SF15-019 – Adventurers Pack 3 – £3.50
SF15-020 – Adventurers Pack 4 – £3.50

In other news – we’ve caught up with orders, everything up to and including April 17th (except one order that needs a couple of 3D prints). The includes EU orders, a box of which went off to the shipping hub this morning.

Backgrounds by Jon Hodgson

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