Listening In

So we’re still rifling through the contents of the parcel. We’re been from 15mm scale to 6mm scale and now we’re dropping down again, to 1/1200th this time. Below is a picture of something of interest for Aeronef and Land Ironclads fans – an acoustic mirror and a pair of listening ears. These are based (very loosely) on the installations at Denge in Kent, built between the world wars. They are the VSF equivalent of radar, giving early warning of impending attack from the sky. David Manley wrote some rules for them in issue 42 of Ragnarok if you can get hold of a copy.

Acoustic Mirrors

Scaling down …

Yesterday I posted pictures of two new models in our fledgling 15mm buildings range; today it’s the turn of their smaller 6mm cousins. In my previous post I mentioned that there were models in the parcel, and here are two of them. The first is a small workshop, which you might recognise as a smaller rendering of one of the buildings previewed yesterday.

6mm workshop

Just like the 15mm buildings, it’s waiting on doors and other details. There were a bunch of those in the parcel but there’s no point posting a photo as you can’t see any details !

The second building is a neat little Landing Pad, just the right size for a VTOL or small shuttle.

A parcel arrives …

Time for a first proper post. After a late train home (thanks again, South-Eastern Rail) I arrived indoors to find a parcel from the printer (3D printer, that is). It was full of all sorts of exciting goodies, so here’s a quick preview of a couple – our next two 15mm scale building masters. We’ve previously shown off the CGI images in the Design Studio, but here they are in the plastic.

They’re still awaiting such basic luxuries as doors and other fittings before they get dropped in a mould – here are a batch that we’re going to cast in metal before adding them to the building masters:

We will also be selling the doors and fixtures in packs so you can customise the buildings.

There was lots more in the parcel, so eyes peeled for another preview tomorrow …

First Post

Hi there ! We’ve been planning to add a blog to our site for some time now, and here it finally is ! And if I’d known how easy it was going to be to set it up, I’d have done it ages ago …

Anyway, the plan is to reserve the front page of the Brigade website for ‘proper’ news – releases, show dates, sales etc. This blog will be less formal and used for other snippets of info’, sightings of our models out on the web, neat modelling or painting ideas, useful links and so on.

It’ll probably end up supplanting the Design Studio and we’ll use the blog to preview new stuff on our workbenches.

Both Phil and I will be posting on a very irregular and haphazard basis as the fancy takes us !