Celtos – Spawn of Chaos & Old Night

Welcome to the first of our introductions to the different races found in Celtos.


In battle the Fomorians tend to attack in a great horde, relying on their numbers to overwhelm the enemy. Accompanying them on the charge are the beastmen. Within this great press of demon flesh though, there is room for some strategy. The low cunning of the Fomorian commanders often leads them to use blood reivers as flankers and to protect the more valuable warriors’ advance with the weak and disposable fifelcynn. The shamans of the Fomorians can also call upon the mists, oppressive rain and dank vapours of Lochlann to aid them, making battlefield conditions hazardous for other races and protecting friendly troops from the archers of the enemy.


Players who prefer the less subtle approach to warfare will find the Fomorian reliance on brute force more to their style of play. That’s not to say the only tactic is to rush forward and crush your enemy.  The Fomorians have both cunning beauty in the form of the Sirens and power over hidden dark waters  as commanded by their powerful shamen.


So dare you release the hordes of screaming Fomorian warriors, whipped into a frenzy by their powerful leaders and enchanted by the eerie lure of the sirens …