About Us

Brigade Models is a small outfit based near Maidstone in Kent, tucked away in the south-eastern corner of England. We specialise in producing quality gaming miniatures in both slightly-off-the-wall subjects and more conventional realms.

You might not have heard of us – but we make a lot of stuff. If you’re into SF or fantasy gaming, the chances are that we’ll have something to interest you. Our portfolio includes

  • the official range of models for gaming in David Drake’s Hammer’s Slammers universe in two scales – 6mm and 15mm
  • the official models for Wessex Games’ Aeronef and Land Ironclads Victorian SF rulesets in 1/1200th scale – almost 300 of them to date.
  • over 100 fleet scale spaceships for half-a-dozen human and alien fleets, along with a version of Majestic 12 Games’ Starmada rules tailored to our models
  • a large range of 15mm SF, which has undergone a major revamp with all of the old vehicles replaced by new, digitally sculpted ones. We also now manufacture the large range of figures previously sold by ArmiesArmy as well as our own figures.
  • one of the largest ranges of 6mm SF miniatures in the known universe – well over 200 models including vehicles, aircraft and VTOLs, infantry and buildings
  • Small Scale Scenery, our large and ever-increasing range of 2mm scale (roughly 1/1000th) buildings, forts and other terrain items, ideal for gaming with 2mm or 3mm scale figures, 1/1200th scale ships or larger scale aircraft (we use ours as terrain for 1/600th scale aircraft games). Also great for small scale dioramas, museum or architectural models
  • Squadron Commander, our own free-to-download SF fighter ruleset with an accompanying range of 1/300th scale starfighters
  • Celtos, a 28mm fantasy skirmish range of almost 250 beautifully sculpted figures set in a mythical celtic background
  • miniatures for Majestic 12’s innovative Iron Stars spaceship rules, set in a Edwardian-era alternate history
  • Our own unique range of Great War Belgian troops for those dark days of 1914
  • Oh, and we stock useful stuff like dice and bases

We’re constantly adding new models – around two hundred (!) in the past twelve months across the ranges.

One of us is now full-time, which means our response time on orders is much improved (2-3 days nowadays, sometimes even quicker) and explains the much higher rate of new releases.



Would it be possible for me to get the plans for the Benouville Church? I play 20mm WW2 and am going to attempt to scratch-build it from foamboard, balsa wood and cardboard. I could draw the plans out myself from reference photos but seeming as you’ve already made an excellent scaled miniature I wondered if I could save considerable amounts of time by utilising your plans.

Thank you!


I don’t have any plans as such – I worked from photographs (and Google streetview images, which are invaluable !). However, I can send you orthographic-projected views of my 3D model, which will effectively give you 5-view plans.


Hello !! I wanna know how purchase the “Soviet’s in space” fleet. They look really nice and got some Soviet look. Are they available?



Hi – they should be on the website at the end of this week, just as soon as I finish painting a set !

*EDIT* – sorry, got that wrong – they’ll be on the website at the end of next week, so that’ll be the 29th of May.