A Heyford with attitude

The British Nef fleet hasn’t had too much love of recent times. In fact its been several years since the Engadine dig cruiser was released. So with Salute coming (very quickly) we’ve decided to add a few new models to the British range. After all the British should have the biggest and best fleet shouldn’t they.

So I locked myself away in Brigade towers for a couple of days armed with plastic card, knives, glue and large supply of Diet Coke with the aim to knock out half a dozen new models.

First up is a large bomber based on the Handley Page Heyford from the 1930’s. The Heyford is one of my two favourite British bombers along with the Short Stirling so was an obvious choice for inspiration. However this being Nef it’s a little bigger than the real Heyford having six engines rather than two (and more guns).

There are still a few bits to finish off (the crew need to be added) but it should be out for Salute.