Summer holidays …

As this gets published, I’ll be departing on a Eurotunnel train bound for Calais and then onto Normandy for a week in the sun (I hope – who knows after this summer !!).

I’ll be leaving everything in Phil’s capable hands – the webshop remains open and he’ll be handling orders as normal. E-mail to me (and the payment@…, sales@… and enquiries@… addresses) may or may not get answered until I return, depending on how many free wi-fi spots we find – but you can always e-mail Phil directly if needed.

Through the wonders of WordPress advanced scheduling, the blog will keep rolling – I’ve already lined up some posts for the week ahead !

15mm SF ‘gamers will be pleased to know that I beat the clock and managed to finish prepping the Power Armour torsos and arms ready for moulding – so Phil will be doing those while I’m away, and we should be in a position to release them by the end of August.

As a parting gift I leave you this … an urban assault variant of the 6mm Neo-Soviet Vombat tank/APC hyprid, equipped with a remote turret packing two tri-barrel gatlings and four missile launchers.

Last time I came back from Normandy it resulted in the Pegasus Bridge game – who knows what absurd idea will result when I return this time …

D F Stuckey

Very nice Neo-Sov tank – I take it the track units are not on the hull in this photo, hence the flat look in this shot?