Threat from the East

Anyone who has read the background and history of the Iron Cow rulebook will know of the rise of the Indonesian Republic toward the end of the 21st century. Conquering many of their island neighbours and even threatening the eastern coastline of India, they emerge as a major world power at the turn of the 22nd Century. Steve Blease wrote some notes on a campaign between the Indonesian Republic and the Pacific Federation some time ago, now we’re finally catching up with models !

Today we’re previewing a new range of Indonesian armoured grav vehicles in 6mm – these are pre-production castings with an undercoat (I haven’t yet had time to paint them).

Indonesian Republic tanks

No target date for release just yet, as mentioned these are pre-production castings so there’s still the odd casting issue to iron out first.


Grav vehicles – the New Guinea War is noted as being “Important in the annals of human conflict for the first widespread use of grav tanks in a theatre of conflict”. So it’s a good excuse to make a shiny new range of grav tanks to go up against the PacFed 🙂


I did the design work – I might finally be getting the hang of this 3D modeling lark ! As for 15mm … they will be seen in that scale, already having them as 3D models makes the upscaling much easier.


Very nice – they seem to have more compact and sophisticated Grav drivers than the PacFed, which holds well with canon ( If a little insulting personally 🙂 ) and cover a wide range of vehicles too. I Can imagine, for instance, the open-backed vehicle carrying troops on less supported IC colony worlds, with the lighter tank serving as their heaviest armour, while richer and or politically better off colnies would have the IFVs and Heavy tanks. Also like the massive rotary gun ADF, the SPG and what I assume is a Grav version of the World War 2 tank destroyer whose name escapes? 🙂
Looking foreard to these being released anyway 🙂


The AA vehicle isn’t a rotary cannon, it’s more like a ZSU-23-4 with four fixed barrels. But that isn’t easy to make out from these photos !

Hoping we can get these out by the end of the year.