Australian Aeronef Championships

Every year, Phil LeHunt organises the Australian New Year’s Eve Aeronef Championships, hosted by the Monday Knights.

Planning is underway for this year’s event and the format will be similar to that of the last four years – three rounds, scenario driven – however this year there’s a change in fleet construction, with players using 150CP Aeronef fleets. (Instead of the 400pt fleets used in previous years).

This is the 5th year that the event has been held, and each year Brigade have provided some prize support for the winner and runner-up (we’d love to attend in person but shipping the stand over would involve just a bit of excess baggage charges !). You can read the umpire’s report on last year’s event to get a feel for how much fun they seem to have.

So if you’re down under, fancy a bit of ‘neffing on New Year’s Eve, contact Phil – I’m sure he’d love to see more players.

Phil LeHunt

Many thanks to Tony and Brigade Models for their generous support and assistance promoting the Aust NYE Aeronef Champs.


It still amazes me even after all these years to think of people all over the world playing with toys that we dream up. We’re not Hasbro or Disney so its really encouraging to see you having fun with our creations!!!!