End of the coaster


Many years ago, when we first started selling fleet packs for some of our ranges (Aeronef being the first, followed by the spaceships range when we adopted Starmada) we hit upon the idea of providing a CD with stats on for the appropriate rules system. All fleet, grand fleet and starter packs had a CD with playsheets which could be printed off as many times as you like. When we started to do this, the idea of everyone being permanently wired up to the internet on a broadband connection was still some way off – those were the days of 28k dial-up connections (56k if you were lucky) and we still received a significant proportion of our orders through the post, indicating that not everyone could reach our website.

Nowadays we receive few, if any orders through the post (we might have had one or two so far this year), which means that just about everyone can reach the website. The information on the CDs we supply is all there on the website anyway, you can download playsheets and other information for a variety of rules systems from our gaming pages. Because of this, we’ve made the decision to stop shipping CDs with any of our packs – the only exception will be Aeronef starter packs and the Wrath of the Syren scenario pack, because these contain rules or other publications that aren’t downloadable. If you buy a copy of the Aeronef rules or Captain’s Handbook, these will still come on a CD along with the playsheets.

By doing this we save a little bit on the cost of each pack (plus the time saved in burning the CDs) which means that we can put off any sort of price rise for now. It also makes it easier to keep everything up-to-date, as we only have to add stats for new releases to the website rather than worrying about the contents lists of several different types of CD.

Talking of new releases … look out tomorrow for the first of the Salute items to hit the website.

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9 Responses to End of the coaster

  1. 56er says:

    Well with this done and the Salut Releases on the horizon…what about more of these fantastic and much needed 6 to 15 mm conversion? PacFed and Neo Soviet anyone?

    • Tony says:

      The initial PacFed release is done – we’re planning to add vehicles for more forces before we go back and create extra PacFed vehicles.

      The Soviets have stalled because we’ve had reliability issues casting the track units, otherwise they’d be out by now.

      And I have already have a number of other vehicles queued up and ready for printing (quite a lot, in fact) so there won’t be any drying up of the 15mm releases anytime soon.

      • 56er says:

        Any chance to get this awesome komodo? Well I’ll be sure glad to see some more 15mm stuff. Any chance for some more power armor/mech/exo forces?

        • Tony says:

          The Komodo is definitely one I’d like to do – if it’s half as popular in 15mm as 6mm then it’ll be very worthwhile.

          The existing PA will be getting some new weapon options (the separate arms make this a very easy exercise for us) and I’m also planning a set of lower-tech power armour for the Soviets.

          • 56er says:

            Well, not to sound rude or cheeky here, but if you go for more/new 15mm models, please, please I beg you re-do the MBT’s of the British, Euro, Chinese and German forces. The all look kinda too blocky. Also more mechs for everyone!

          • Tony says:

            The EuroFed and German tanks are done – we sold a number at Salute, and they’ll be on the website soon. If you look back over the blog entries in the past month or so you should be able to find pictures. I’m about to start work on the British Apollo once I’ve finished the Artemis APC, so I should be able to show that soon. I’m not sure when we’ll get to the CDSU, but they are all on the list to be remade.

          • 56er says:

            I’ve taking a view on them and the new EuroFed tanks looks very nice. the german one is still a bit blocky and the turret design would be great with a centered cannon.

          • Tony says:

            The blocky look and offset gun is design feature of the German vehicles; there are only so many ways of designing a tank turret so I was looking for a way of making them different !

            The Polish variant of the Thor, the Maczek, uses the same hull but has a more conventional turret – this will be out later in the year.

  2. Scott A Croom says:

    I for one am glad to see them go away. I’ve never been a fan of cd’s as it is. The internet and cloud have really made them redundant at this point.

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