Out there in the real world …

Several people have sent us links to photos or blog posts featuring our 2mm buildings range, and we thought we’d round a few up and link to them from here. Some show comparisons between our models and other ranges, others show methods of basing/painting.

Steel on Sand


Down Among the Lead Men

Thomo’s Hole

Fen Edge Wargaming

Houston Gamers

Holger Schubert

Great, but one question: Are there any plans to make far eastern buildings as pagodas?


In short, yes. We’re planning to produce buildings for all of the major nations in Land Ironclads that will also be useful for other periods. The British are already covered (with more to come), the French will get a set of Normandy buildings (and can use the new Mediterranean set for the South, as can the Italians), the Germans/Austrians will be Medieval half-timbered, the USA will be ACW-style, Russia will get Eastern front buildings usable for WW2, and finally a set of pagoda-style buildings for Japan.

Not sure of the timescales yet – at the moment I’m turning out new designs for all of our ranges much faster than we could ever hope to get them into production, so the queue is long (and getting longer).

A Little 2mm Middle Eastern Village | Thomo's Hole

[…] There is also a Brigade Models Facebook Page which is easier to get to on smartphones than the ‘blog and where they are happily announcing new stuff and such. Brigade also posted details of how various folks (including yours truly) were dealing with their 2mm models. Have a look at Out There in the Real World. […]