Mediterranean Houses

Firstly … don’t forget Broadside on Sunday ! This is an excellent little show with an impressive list of traders (Wargames Foundry, Warlord Games, Ainsty … oh, and us !).

We have a long awaited release in our 2mm scenery range today. We’re moving into sunnier climes with the arrival of our Mediterranean village pack of 20 assorted buildings.

The design of these models is based on houses in the French region of Provence (because I have some very good reference photos for the area), but they would serve equally well for Italy, Greece and other European Mediterranean countries. We will of course have stock of these on Sunday – although not all that many, so if you want some make sure you find us early !


VLI-8019 – Mediterranean Village – £5.00

We’re moving on apace with the development of many more sets in the 2mm range. This week I completed a late C.19th power station. It’s based on the design of the Lots Road station in Chelsea, London, but the dimensions have been scaled down to make it more manageable. It comes with a collection of small sheds and, since most of the older power stations in London are located right next to the Thames, I also added some coal barges, a tug boat and cranes.

Power Station

michael connor

Question, I saw previous pictures of what appeared to be Mediterranean churches and a villa, are those included in the
‘Mediterranean Houses’ item, or wll they be an upcoming product? And any idea as to when the city buildings are to be released??

Finally, congratulations on one of the most exiting miniatures product lines in ages, IMO



Your timing is immaculate … the Mediterranean church and hotel went into a master mould last week and we have the first castings ready to photograph and show off as soon as I get the chance. Phil will be making a production mould soon and I expect them to be released in 2-3 weeks. The Town Shops (is this what you mean by city buildings ?) should be out at the end of this week – the mould is done, the only thing stopping them is the lack of time to paint and photograph a set !

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