Slow but Steady

Another bout of late-working has meant little progress on anything Brigade-related. I have however been slowly ploughing on with some painted examples of our British spaceships. I’ve gone for a mid-blue (Tamiya XF-18) scheme airbrushed on, with the ‘rib’ sections and engines picked out in black (XF-85).

I was looking for some ideas for markings and picked up my copy of Hardware: The Definitive SF Works of Chris Foss (you can’t beat Foss for inspiration when painting anything SF). A short perusal later and I’d decided on yellow panels with black lettering and symbols.

The panels have been base-coated in Citadel Iyanden Darkson (part of the old Foundation range) and the rest of the ships drybrushed – everything is now waiting on a inkwash, and then I’ll pick out the yellow panels in a brighter colour.