Christmas is a-Coming

Xmas 2013

So that’s it for Christmas orders – the last posting date for first class mail has gone, and we won’t be shipping out any more orders until the New Year now. The website will remain open, but we won’t process any orders for a few days. However, if you’re stuck for a gaming present, there’s still time to get one of our Gift Vouchers which are backed by PayPal and can be used at any time against orders from our website.

Onto another topic, seasoned Brigade watchers will have noticed something missing this year … normally we have a Christmas sale running throughout December (give or take, we like to vary it a bit to keep you on your toes) but this year you may be wondering where it is.

Fear not, we haven’t cancelled it, merely delayed. For various reasons, mostly to do with our work schedules, we’ve held it back – we didn’t want to launch a sale then not be in a position to be able to fulfil the orders (and it does get busy). So this time we’re going to run a more traditional New Year Sale, running throughout January, when you can spend the money that Great Aunt Flo gave you as a Christmas present (or the money that you got from returning that horrid jumper that Great Aunt Flo thought you’d really like …).

Full details will follow in due course (December 31st probably), but the format of the sale is likely to follow previous years. And, of course, the aforementioned Gift Vouchers will be valid during the sale too, so if you buy one for someone they’ll get even more for their money. In the meantime, have a great Christmas and work out your want lists ready for January !