Slammed Again

About four months ago I put on a game of Hammer’s Slammers:The Crucible for Maidstone Wargames Society’s Open Day. At this distance the details are a little hazy now, but to be honest I don’t want to recall them too closely as I was handed my head on a plate by my opponent Dave Sime, who had never even played the rules before ! Although in my defence he was using the Slammers regiment, against whom it’s always hard to win (or, as I discovered, hard to even knock out one of their tanks !).

The game saw a large Slammers contingent (8 blower tanks, 8 combat cars, eight jeeps) taking on a combined Stewart Legion and Terran Authority Star Marine force which were defending a small communications base. Very early on I managed to knock out a blower (with, I think, a TAS Cougar grav tank) – this proved to be the high spot of my day. My Stewart power armour did tear some holes in the HS infantry for a while, and a bunch of Firefly combat drones caused consternation but no real casualties apart from a jeep, but that was about it. Several of Dave’s blower tanks had armament or mobility hits but I was just short of knocking them out each time and they’d soon be repaired and back on the battlefield.

So, without too much more dwelling on my comprehensive defeat, here are some photos …

(Slammers vehicles by Ainsty Castings, infantry and skimmers by GZG. TAS and Stewart vehicles and power armour by Brigade Models, TAS infantry and grav bikes again by GZG, Stewart infantry from Armies Army. Buildings and civilian vehicles by Brigade Models).

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