Desert Domes

Sneaking onto the Salute release list at the last minute are some new SF buildings. These are a new style, constructed of overlapping domes and cylinders – a move away from the Middle-eastern style of the existing desert models.


Five models will be available on Saturday, exact stocks depend on how many more I can cast this week …

B300-401 – Large Domed Building – £2.50
B300-402 – Medium Cylindrical Building – £2.00
B300-403 – Small Cylindrical Building – £1.50
B300-404 – Small Multi-dome Dwelling – £1.00
B300-405 – Small Oval Dwelling – £1.00

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3 Responses to Desert Domes

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  2. Haydencz says:

    Will they be availible in 10mm your scenery is great (i have some of your 2mm 6mm and 10mm) and i want more

    • Tony says:

      Thanks 🙂

      Based on the feedback we’ve had on the previews of these 6mm models, I would see them coming out in both 10mm and 15mm as well.

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