The Sky’s The Limit

Some fantastic news today – Rottenlead’s Imperial Skies Kickstarter has passed the first hurdle and has funded, which means that the project goes ahead and the book will be printed. This is great news after just ten days – way to go, Robin!


So the next milestone is the first stretch goal at £4k – this is the first new model, the French Gaulois-class battleship. This is the point at which things get exciting for us as we get to start creating new items. Although we have a rough idea of the new models, there are no detailed designs yet, but given the successful funding of the game the perhaps we’d better start thinking a bit harder about them. The Gaulois will be an all-new model, along the lines of the Charlemagne battlecruiser but shorter and bulkier.

Imperial Skies Wargame -- Kicktraq Mini

Any of the stretch goal models that get funded will be available to Kickstarter supporters at £7 each. Once the KS is over and all pledges have shipped, the new models will go on general sale – but the price will be higher than this, so during the KS is the time to get them.

In other news, the sale has started with a bang – the initial five days has seen a mini avalanche of orders. Normally we operate a first-come, first-served policy on orders, dealing with each one in sequence. During sales however, this policy goes out of the window and we deal with orders in whatever way works best – if we have two or three orders for the same items them we will do them all together, regardless of when they arrived. It means that some will be turned round immediately, while others could end up waiting a few days before we can get to them.

One last thing – when placing orders, please, please check the posting address. For some reason we’ve had a recent spate of orders that have gone to the wrong address because customers have moved house and not updated their PayPal account. So just take a second to make sure that your order is going to right place.