Last Minute Additions

I’ve been tinkering over recent weeks with some of the remaining unreleased former ArmiesArmy moulds. In fact, some of the moulds we have are for items that as far as we know were never released, which includes these. In ArmiesArmy service these would have been RUSK Militia troops, but we’ve co-opted them into our Neo-Soviet army as conscript troops. There are three packs – infantry (squad leader, SAW gunner, AT rocket and six riflemen), command (six assorted figures including a splendidly-hatted kommissar) and support weapons (AT missile team, two man-portable gatling teams, sniper and a short-barrelled energy weapon). We’ve had some issues with one of the original moulds which we’ll have to remake, but we’ve managed to squeeze out a small amount of stock for tomorrow from the original one.

The photos below are from ArmiesArmy’s originals – so the pack contents aren’t exactly the same as we’ll be selling, but at least you get to see what the figures look like.


Miliita HQ

Rusk miliita Support Weapons

We also have a small amount of stock of their companion Guard figures with the same trio of infantry, command and support packs.

And lastly, we are taking some stock of Angel Barracks‘ excellent 6mm character pack containing thirty superb sci-fi figures.

Angel Barracks Character pack

I’m off to London this afternoon to begin setting up the stand, and we look forward to seeing you from 10am tomorrow.

15mm SF
SF15-311 – Henschel Laser Tank – £10.00
SF15-312 – Henschel APC – £9.00
SF15-407 – Gamelin Wheeled Tank – £8.00
SF15-416 – Oto Melara Single Autocannon – £5.00
SF15-416a – Oto Melara Quad Autocannon -£5.00

HS15-401 – Fasolini Company Detachment – £43.00
HS15-402 – Fasolini Support Detachment – £24.00
HS15-460 – Fasolini Infantry (x8) – £3.00
HS15-461 – Fasolini Rocket launchers (x4) – £1.50
HS15-462 – Fasolini Command (x4) – £1.50
HS15-463 – Fasolini MG teams (x2) – £3.00
HS15-464 – Fasolini Mortar Teams (x2) – £2.50
HS15-465 – Fasolini Gun Crew (x6) – £2.50

SF15-1264 – Neo-Soviet Conscript Infantry (x9) – £3.50
SF15-1265 – Neo-Soviet Conscript Support (x8) – £3.00
SF15-1266 – Neo-Soviet Conscript Command (x6) – £2.25

LCAA-01 – EDCV Labs Set – £90.00
LCAB-01 – Umbrella Set – £50.00

Small Scale Scenery
SSS-8069 – Victorian Warehouse – £4.00
SSS-8070 – Textile Mill – £2.50
SSS-8071 – Dockside Warehouses (x3) – £2.50

6mm SF Buildings
B300-133 – Large Tower – £6.00
B300-134 – Square Tower with Dome – £5.00
B300-135 – Square Tower – £4.00

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