The Goodies Keep On Coming

I cracked open two more new moulds today, both the hulls of 15mm vehicles. The metal turrets were in a different mould which Phil delivered at the end of last week, so after a very quick bit of resin casting I was able to assemble a sample of each.

The first, and largest is a Henschel APC to accompany the new tank with which it shares a number of design details – it’s also derived from the Forlorn Hope novel by David Drake. It’s a huge model, designed to carry an entire platoon of troops, or 24 men. They disembark by a rather novel method; when the vehicle arrives at the correct place, the giant doors on either side of the vehicle drop down to form ramps. The conscripts on board can either quickly evacuate the vehicle, or remain on board as sitting ducks – the choice is theirs! The vehicle is armed with a remote autocannon, and the troops on board can also use their assault rifles from five firing ports built into the side doors.



The second vehicle is rather more conventional. It’s a 15mm version of the EuroFed Gamelin wheeled tank, which provides heavy fire support to assault units of the Legion Etranger. It’s effectively a wheeled medium tank, armed with a high-velocity cannon and coaxial support weapon. The 10-wheeled chassis is very resistant to damage, being able to continue running with as few as three wheels per side. Armour isn’t as comprehensive as a main battle tank in order to keep weight down, but lightweight composites still afford it a reasonable level of protection.


I’ve assembled some more of the Fasolini mobile gun units, this time with crew figures. One useful tip I discovered is that on both gun models, the crew figure needs to be fitted to the seat before the gun(s) are attached. The handgrips on the single barrelled weapon will also need to be trimmed back. The painted models of gun and transporter trucks are finished, and I think look pretty good.