Imperial Update #5 – Liftoff Delayed

Let’s start with the good news, shall we ? I can finally say, after a last visit to the Post Office yesterday, that

100% of pledges have now shipped!

Robin and ourselves should really be dancing in the aisles at this point after the successful conclusion of the Kickstarter campaign.

But … and there’s always a but. At the end of packing everything, not all of the items we’d expected to ship had gone. There was stuff left which shouldn’t have been there. So we investigated this, and discovered that somehow there were anomalies between orders and the master packing list. It didn’t affect the basic pledges – so everyone will have their rulebooks and main fleet packs. But a small number of add-on items placed through Backerkit had not made it onto the packing list that we used to pack the orders. It only seems to affect a small proportion of pledges and a very small number of specific items. We have emailed everyone who we think may have been affected and asked them to check their orders when they arrive (the last ones only went yesterday and won’t reach far-flung locations for a week or so).


And of course it means that, sticking to our strict ‘no retail sales until the KS has shipped’ policy, it’ll be another few days before the rules hit the website.

Bad luck for those of us waiting, but I am very impressed that you didn’t just shrug your shoulders and instead actually investigated, discovered the problem and pro-actively contacted your customers. Well done!


Well, it’s certainly a better approach than sitting and waiting for the complaints to start on TMP! And we have the items, it’s just a matter of making sure that they end up in the right place.