Dockyard Extension

As mentioned before Salute, I’ve been working on extending the number of buildings available in our upcoming Dockyard building set. Mostly based on Chatham dockyard with one or two extras, I have a few 3D previews of the additions here. The buildings (Smithery, Pump house and Galvanising Shed) are all Chatham ones:

While this is a dry dock with caisson (it’s modelled as a waterline piece, eg full of water) which is based on the dimensions of the Chatham ones but with some slightly differing detail:

Finally, my favourite; this is a Titan Crane, one of the giant cantilever cranes which can still be seen in places such as Glasgow and Clydebank. It will be released as a 3D print as making it in resin or metal would be tricky to say the least! It stands an impressive (for 2mm) 46mm tall:

Expect a release hopefully in early June.


What miniature lines would you recommend for suitable waterline naval vessels for use with the 2mm stuff and the 1200 scale Aeronef? Late Victorian era, early 20th century warships of course.


To be honest Andy, I’m not an expert – I’ve done a quick Google and there doesn’t seem to be a single comprehensive range out there. You can try someone like Neptun for WWI ships (many of which would have been n service at the turn of the century). Maybe that’s a new avenue for us to explore.