More Than I Can Handle

The sale usually ends quietly, with the odd last day order, but most people generally get their orders sent in plenty of time.

Not this year.

I’ve finally had a chance to sit down and process the flurry (torrent!) of orders that arrived at the end of the sale. And I’m stuffed. With three days left until the Christmas holiday starts, I have (at a conservative estimate) four days work minimum to clear the remaining orders. If I work three 10-hour days at the workshop, everything goes to plan and I work at optimum pace, I might get the current order queue done by Friday. Of course, that assumes that our metal resupply appears very soon (I’ve burned through as much metal in the last four weeks as we’d usually use in almost three months, which is why I’ve been a bit caught out) – as mentioned yesterday, my current stocks will run out sometime Thursday.

This might seem like a bit of a ‘woe is me’ whinge, but there is an important message trying to get out, which is that any orders placed between now and Jan 1st will not be processed until the New Year. I have the full week off between Christmas and the New Year, so won’t be returning until Jan 2nd.

I will try to contact anyone whose orders are delayed on Friday, once I know where we are.