We’ll Be Right Back…

I’m off for a few days (the rest of this week, to be exact) for a short break to congratulate/commiserate with the Brigadieress for putting up with me for another year. All orders up until the end of yesterday (Monday) have been completed, but there will be a hiatus until I return to the workshop at the start of next week. The website of course remains open so you can still place orders, I just won’t get to them immediately.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with some upcoming new models – these are German spaceships, replacements for the older Osnabruck and Wuppertal models that are in need of a new production mould so we’re taking the opportunity to update them to new digitally sculpted designs. With a bit of luck they’ll form part of our Salute portfolio this year (which is already frighteningly close, just five weeks away).

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