The End is in Sight

I’ve finally got the order queue is now down to manageable proportions, and I should clear pretty much all of it today (with a couple of exceptions – read on…).

Unfortunately, we’ve had a minor hiccup with one of our bits of equipment. The pressure pot, in which we cast the complicated and fiddly resin models, stripped a thread on one of the bolts that locks it shut, putting it out of action. Fortunately, we have a friendly blacksmith just along from us in the farmyard, and he reckons he can make a new set of bolts for it. This will take a week or so, which means the pot will be out of commission until then. I had finished most of the resin casting before the bolt failed, so there are only a couple of orders that will have to be delayed, and by a stroke of luck the last half-a-dozen orders to arrive had no resin items in them at all, and they will all be cleared today.

But this does mean that the release of the CDSU spaceships will be further delayed – there’s no point releasing them if I can’t cast the dreadnought hulls. Stay tuned for further updates…