The Return of Old Faithful

Old Faithful is back – the centrifuge is back from the engineers, as good as new and hopefully fit for a few more years’ service. We’ve spent the last couple of days testing it out, and catching up on some outstanding orders and restocks for retailers, but they’re now out of the way. So we’re all good to go, and the shopping cart has been restored to the website and is ready to take orders.

In other news, we will not be running a sale before Christmas this year. 2020 has been a …weird… ten months so far and looks like continuing that way. We can cope with a normal volume of orders, but there are some personal reasons why we don’t want to take on the extra workload of a sale at this time. The plan is to delay it and we’ll hold it early in 2021, probably for the four weeks of February (there’s no point holding in January, everyone is broke that month !). Apologies if you’ve been expecting the sale, but nothing else is going to plan at the moment and this is unfortunately another casualty.

Stock Updates – the Good News

A box of books arrived last week, so Hammer’s Slammers:The Crucible is back in stock again. There’s also a large restock of decals on the way too.

And the Bad News…

We’ve run low on stocks of flying stands over the summer, and have just been informed by our supplier that their moulds are worn and need repairing so they can’t supply any, and this will probably be the case for some time. So at the moment we have almost none left for sales or to put in fleet packs. We’ve been through the website and amended all of the fleet and other packs to show that they don’t include bases for the moment, and reduced prices to reflect this. We are looking at alternatives – although frankly there don’t seem to be many (if any). And of course most of our models have pre-cast holes to fit these particular stands, so any alternative design still needs to fit these. We’ll try to keep you posted…