A Billion Suns – Review and Playthrough

Before we get to the main topic of this post, a quick update…

We’re still a few days behind on orders – we almost catch up, the another bunch of orders arrive and we slip behind again! The delay isn’t too severe, around a week (as I write this most orders up to February 23rd have gone, and tomorrow I’ll be working through the 24th and 25th). As far as possible we treat orders on a first in, first out basis, but sometimes it makes sense to group orders for the same items together and do them all at once, regardless of when they arrived.

In a further twist, the mould for the Kerberos space station has just expired, so we’ve taken that off sale briefly while Phil makes a new one. As a consequence, if you have already placed an order that includes a Kerberos then you might be delayed a little further. As always, feel free to drop us an email if you want to know how your order is coming along.

Guerrilla Miniature Gaming – A Billion Suns Videos

We wanted to post up links to some Youtube videos by Guerrilla Miniature Gaming dealing with A Billion Suns.

The first is a detailed review of the rulebook:

The second is a play-through showing aspects of the gameplay and featuring a lot of our ships (very nicely painted, it must be said).

And they’ve also started a Solo campaign – here’s episode 1:

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