Salute 21 – new 1/700 Coastal Forts

Next into the Salute line-up are these new 1/700th scale Coastal Forts. We have three models (or rather, two individual models plus a set of four). The largest is Fort Paté, a small oval Vauban fortification in the Gironde estuary in France, built at the end of the 17th century. We also have a 1/700th versions of the Lascaris Towers in Malta – both of these were recently released in the Small Scale Scenery range. The third new model is the rather unusual Aldeburgh Martello Tower from the Suffolk coast, the largest of the Martello Towers on the UK coastline. It’s effectively four towers joined together to give it a distinctive quatrefoil shape. As an added bonus we also have a 1/1000th version in the Small Scale Scenery range.

Fort Pate

Lascaris Towers

Aldeburgh Martello Tower

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