EuroFed Battlefleet

Tony’s still on holiday, so there’s not much going on at the moment. We had a good day at the Joy of Six last Sunday – unfortunately we didn’t get to see much of the show itself, one of the downsides of being a trader, but it was certainly busy with plenty of visitors. There are some after show reports online if you would like a better view of things.

We should hopefully start adding the new 6mm items released at the show to the website (the armoured train and the Sincanmo dune buggies). There is quite a backlog of orders which will take a couple of weeks to clear first, however.

In the meantime, Stephen Toropov has kindly sent us some photos of his rather nicely painted EuroFed spaceships – so instead of any more waffle from us, here’s some ships in a very striking colour scheme.