Farewell to 2022

… thank goodness – it’s been an ‘interesting’ year (as in ‘may you live in interesting times‘). Both of us have been off to see the Medical Officer at various times, which has disrupted our release schedule over the year, caused us to close our website (for the first time ever) and even cost us our first appearance at the Hammerhead show back in March. But let’s not dwell on that.

Imperial Skies found a new audience thanks to the release of Osprey’s Castles in the Sky which saw record sales for that range (and increased sales of the Imperial Skies rulebook). We had hoped to finish the South American project in 2022, but only managed to release the Uruguayans and Paraguayans, so that will now spill over into 2023. We still have Peru, Colombia, Bolivia and Venezuela to go, finishing off with British, French and Dutch colonial vessels. After that, the plan is to return to Europe and revisit some of the existing fleets that haven’t already seen an update, and introduce some new ones.

Prototype Peruvian Fleet

Hammer’s Slammers saw new forces in both 6mm (Sincanmo) and 15mm (Han Chinese). The 6mm Han (including new infantry figures) will appear in the first part of 2023, the 15mm counterparts will get some reinforcements, then we’ll be concentrating on their opponents from the story The Warrior, the Hindi Army, in both scales. As always we’ll also be working on more sci-fi buildings and scenery.

6mm Han Chinese

Things were quieter in the spaceships range, our plans there were particularly disrupted. We did manage to release three impressive new space stations and several capital ships for the Germans and PacFed. We’re hoping to make more progress next year – we have plans for a whole new fleet, plus the redesign/replacement of another existing one. But then, both of those were initially scheduled for 2022…

We have no idea how things will go in the Small Scale Scenery range – that one is very much made up on the hoof, if either of us come across an interesting building somewhere then we go off and make it. This year saw 20+ new items, ranging from the tiny Portland and Sandsfoot Device Forts up to Phil’s magnificent Krzyztopor Castle. Expect more random fare in 2023.

We introduced our own 3D-printing capability, which has been put to good use with the licensed range of 28mm Great War vehicles – there are more of these to come over the next year.

Next year’s release schedule has been written up to Salute in April – the first seven weeks of the year are scheduled to see releases in seven different ranges. After that it’s a bit fluid, we’ll be winging it as usual, so who knows what else is to come…

Happy New Year !

Phil and Tony

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