The Firedrake

(Brigadier’s log, show date S-16)

Many science-fiction fans will by now be aware of the passing of David Drake, author of the Hammer’s Slammers stories amongst many others, in December last year. We wanted to do something to commemorate David and his work, and Salute seems the ideal time to do it, since that was the show that the original rules were launched at 20 years ago.

The last Hammer’s Slammers story written by David was ‘Save What You Can’, which appears in the ‘Onward, Drake’ collection (which also includes the only Slammers story by another author, Larry Correia’s ‘The Losing Side’).

This story features a huge, 12-wheeled tank destroyer which turns up to throw chaos into a unit of Slammers combat cars. It has some interesting technology involving a massive flywheel for energy storage – we have no idea how feasible this really is, but it makes for a good read ! We’ve combined with John Treadaway, co-author of The Crucible rulebook to create this monster, initially in 15mm (6mm is to come). The model comes in seven resin and three metal parts, with a secondary turret, opening hatches and the optional rear track unit (for extra grip on rough terrain) can be assembled raised or lowered.

It’s not named in the book, so we’ve designated it the M-22FW Firedrake. It seems appropriate to name the last vehicle David created after him.

For each model sold, we’re going to donate £1 to the charity nominated on his website, the Blackhorse Scholarship Fund.

HS15-5001 – M-22FW Firedrake – £12.00

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