Советская статистика

I am confidently assured (by Microsoft’s Bing Translator, no less…) that the above title translates to ‘Soviet Statistics’. So apologies if it really means ‘three-legged donkey’ or worse …


What it signifies is that in a rare fit of efficiency, I’ve put up Starmada playsheets for our Neo-Soviet spacefleet on the website, and while I was there I’ve added playsheets for the recent British additions (the Colossus, Wellesley and Kent). So you can boldly go with the latest designs behind you now…


Aeronef Stat Update

I’ve just updated the Aeronef Profiles Page on the website with stats for all our our recent Aeronef releases, including the von Perseval and Brazilian models released last week. While I was there I made a few fixes and updates to the profile generator software – all of the stats cards are generated automagically by some code I wrote years ago that takes the profiles of each model and formats a GIF image, but this seems to have suffered from code rot and a few bugs had crept in.

All of the stats cards can be downloaded from the profiles table, and they’re also in an updated Zip file so you can pull them down at one go. They’re designed to be roughly the size of a business card so when printed out can be cut out and laminated or stored in a vinyl pocket (a bit like this – Rexel Nyrex Business Card Pocket A4 Pack of 10 13681).


Oryol Profile

Fisher Revisited


After I published the stats for the Fisher dreadnoughts a while back, it was pointed out to me that they contained an error – not enough main gun turrets ! The stats had three, the model four. So I’ve corrected this and uploaded new stats to the website. At the same time I’ve added the new Swiftsure cruiser to the British list.


I also spotted that the Bulwark was missing from the stats, so that’s also been uploaded, along with an updated to the fighters list.


I was hoping to get the Indonesians added, but the sale orders keep coming in so I’m spending lots of time at the workshop casting – I’ll try to get these added next week.

Fishing for Stats

A quick note to say that I’ve finally got round to uploading Starmada X stats for the Fisher class dreadnought in its various derivations to the Brigade website. Click on the Starmada logo to go to the relevant page.