Ottoman Flagship

So, here we have it – the first of this year’s not-Salute releases. As an opener, we have the might of the Ottoman Air Fleet – the Constantinople class Dig Battleship. This model replaces the older design of the same vessel, which was previously called the Abdül Aziz*.

The Aziz is large semi-rigid airship with an armoured superstructure. The main armament consists of two huge circular turrets, with an impressive secondary battery in the superstructure and the lower gondola.

As mentioned earlier this week, all of our new releases which had originally been intended for Salute will be discounted for the first three weeks of sale by 7.5%; in addition, the same amount will be donated to HEROES, a fund set up to help frontline NHS staff as they battle the Covid-19 outbreak. So the Constantinople will be discounted by 68p, and for each sale we’ll donate the same amount to HEROES – this will run until April 24th.

VAN-2001 – Constantinople class Dig Battleship – £9.00 £8.32

* – it appears that the name Abdül Aziz throws up all sorts of red flags within PayPal – every time someone orders one of these, the payment is held back while it’s checked to make sure we aren’t funding terrorist organisations or sending money to banned countries ! So to avoid delays like this, it just seemed safer to rename the model…

We Can Be Heroes

Regular Brigade watchers will know that we like to go all out each year for Salute, with an array of releases across our various ranges. This year was no different, with loads of shiny new models ready to roll. But, thanks to circumstances beyond everyone’s control, it’s not to be this time. We were all dressed up, but there’s nowhere to go.

So we’re going to roll the releases out onto the website over the next few weeks, with most weeks featuring two or even three items or sets of items. We had also hit on the idea of running a promotion for each one, with 15% off the new models for the first three weeks after release; that’s the same discount level we normally offer during our Christmas sale. But then we had a rethink and thought better of it.

Instead, we’re only going to offer you half the discount – 7.5% – off the new releases; the other 7.5% we’ve decided to give to HEROES, an organisation set up to support NHS workers. We have no idea what this will amount to – sales of new items are impossible to predict, some fly off the shelves immediately while others are slow burners (and some just don’t sell!). Even if we just donate a tenner, it’s something – but we hope we can do far better than that.

The releases will start later this week; with each one we’ll let you know how long it’ll be on offer, and warn you when they’re about to expire.

As a treat, and to get you in the mood, here’s one of the greatest songs ever written…

That’s It for 2019!

Sorry – if you haven’t placed your order by now, then you’ve missed it. The sale is over – finished. Done. Gone. Well, ’til next year anyway.

Now all I need to do is actually finish all the orders before Christmas…

Christmas Sale 2019

November is rattling along at a heck of a pace, and the Brigade Christmas Sale is already here again. We’re ready to go with our offers for another year

It’s due to run for just over four weeks, until Sunday December 15th. This should allow customers overseas to place their orders and receive them in time for Christmas, and it also allows us to get everything cleared and out of the way before our own holidays so we don’t have to come back to a huge order backlog in January.

It’s the same format as we’ve run for many a year now – 15% off pretty much everything that we make (there are some exclusions – see the Christmas Sale page on the website for full details). You have twenty-nine days starting now, so get to it ! Please feel free share this post on social media, mailing lists, forums etc.

That’s all – finally!

So the sale is over for another year – we’ve finally disabled the code, a bit later than planned (we’ve had a few extra orders today, obviously we’ll honour the sale discount on those). There were also some annoying issues with an update to the WordPress editor that stopped us posting this morning :-/

The response to the last few days of the sale was unexpected to say the least – the value of the orders placed between Friday and Sunday was more than we took in the whole of October ! This means that we may have difficulty clearing the entire queue before we break for Christmas. We will do our best, but some of the orders that arrived towards the back end of Sunday may not quite make it out until the New Year. We’ll keep you all updated…