Normandy, here we come …

Some of you may have been following my 6mm Pegasus Bridge project for Maidstone Wargames Society (if you’re coming to Salute, be sure to pay it a visit). Many of the buildings and structures for this have been created as 3D computer models and printed out by Shapeways. Today we’re previewing a few more of these designs, which will be making their way into our Shapeways shop when we have had prototype prints back (due in the next few days, in case you want to check back then …).

The largest model by far is Benouville Church – this famously received a PIAT round through the tower on D-Day, as it was being used as a vantage point by German snipers.

Benouville Church

Benouville Church

Benouville Church

Apart from the church, most of this batch are all general-purpose houses that would serve for most regions of France (and probably a greater part of Western Europe, including Belgium, Holland and Germany). By careful design of the models (keeping the amount of material used to the absolute minimum), we think we can set the prices for these so that they are competitive with resin buildings of a similar size.

Normandy House 1

Normandy House 3

Normandy House 4

Normandy House 5

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